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Not sure what to Get an LCD or Mitsubishi with DLP

Old 10-14-06, 03:33 PM
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Not sure what to Get an LCD or Mitsubishi with DLP

I want to get a new TV and I'm not sure what to get it's either an LCD or I saw a Mitsubishi with DLP. I want to get the one with the better picture.
Also I know LCD's don't have the burn in issue. Not sure about the projection DLP's. I am a gamer so burn in is a concern.

If i do get an LCD which is the best brand to get?

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DLP is not susceptible to burn-in, so that's not a worry.

As to which LCD brand is best, it might help to know the size range you're looking at, as well as your budget. Do you want an LCD rear-projection set or straight LCD?

You might e-mail a mod and ask him/her to change your thread title to something more specific so that those who can help you are more likely to click into the thread.
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What would provide a better picture the DLP or a flat panel LCD.

Looking for a 46-52 inch
Trying not to spend more than 3 grand

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Are you sure you are clear on your options?

DLP is available in rear projection
LCD can be rear projection or flat panel (like plasma)

Originally there were clear picture quality differences with DLP being better at blacks and LCD being a little more sharp. Since both technologies are in 3rd, 4th, + generations they have improved to the point where it is largely a matter of preference.

Tho some still say DLP is not as good at fast action because of the "rainbow" effect. However, some DLP's do a better job then others at this.

You should research carefully (one good site with lots of info is AVSFORUM.COM). I would suggest reading a lot and using the search engine a lot before you ask a question. While there is a lot of knowledge over there, it can get a little tense when someone ask a question that has been explored a 1000 times already.
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I was thinking about getting:
Mitsubishi WD-57731 57" 1080p DLP HDTV
Sony KDL46S2000 46" Bravia Flat Panel LCD HDTV

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DLP is better. SXRD is even better.
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checking over avsforum is a great idea.

but if you go with the mits go with the XX732 not the 731.

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DLP and bigger is better
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I would check out both technologies. I have a DLP projector and it's excellent, but for a tv I'm thinking of getting an LCD. Both technologies have made tremendous strides and your choice depends on what you're looking for. If you want a flat panel, go LCD. If you want better viewing angles, go LCD flat panel (it's better from what I've seen). If you want a bigger screen, better contrast, less expensive, go DLP. They're both good, just keep researching and decide for yourself...
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