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New system nightmare

Old 09-17-06, 06:46 AM
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New system nightmare

Hi, newbie here. I hope you might help me...

I'm a longstanding B&O customer but I thought I would try something new for my beachside weekend apartment. I visited a local hifi store about a year ago and asked them if they could provide a decent sized LCD screen with a Bose 48 and have the system work off a single remote. They said that would be easy using a Pronto remote. They sold me a Sharp 45 and the whole thing looked great when installed. When they came to turn it on, the problems started. Basically, they couldn't get the Pronto to work properly. The delays weren't programmed correctly and the devices would operate in the right sequence with a myriad of consequences (turning off instead of on, screen freezes, sound without picture, picture without sound, STB freezing, etc etc). They have replaced the Digitalview STB once but it is still freezing and needs a reboot every day I've tried to watch TV.

The original salesman made several visits to get it working, but couldn't program it properly. He resigned and over several months I have had several other people in from the store (including the store manager) to attempt to fix it. Now after 2 guys spent all Friday afternoon on the job, it didn't work the first time I tried to switch from DVD to TV. I have little technical aptitude at the level required to program the Pronto myself and my wife is demanding that I junk the whole system and get the B&O that I should have in the first place. I thought I was being smart doing it this way, but it has cost me thousands of dollars in lost time.

It is now a year since purchase and I have never had a weekend when my system has worked properly (I use the apartment about one or two weekends a month). I'm at my wits end. The Bose works fine on its own - all my problems relate to getting the TV working properly using the Pronto. I can live with the the Pronto's slow responses, but I can't keep putting up with missing a favourite TV show because a command goes haywire once more. Should I demand my money back? Would another remote be better? Should I dump the Sharp at the tip and buy a Beovision 7 for TV and DVD and keep using the Bose for sound? Any ideas or thoughts would be most welcome!


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Old 09-17-06, 11:28 AM
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Sounds like the store that sold you the pronto needs to re-program it. The problem is that you probably need an expert to do it and that store doesn't seem to have someone that is capable of doing it.
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Wow. All the products that sound like they should work, aren't. And all the products that most people have trouble with, are working for you. I guess things really are reversed in the southern hemisphere.

You need to get that remote working, that's the issue. Perhaps a Harmony would work better for you, it doesn't take an expert to program, and it keeps track of whether your TV is on or off and which input is on, etc., so it knows what to do when you press a button.
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Originally Posted by mhh
The Bose works fine on its own -
ummmm.... no.
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I agree with Spiky.......
Get a Harmony remote, program it with your computer (very easy), and make them give you your money back on the Pronto. I'd see what else I could get out of them, for all the inconvenience and nightmares.
Good luck!
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Thanks for the input, guys. The store paid another visit today and have done some more programming on the Pronto. We'll see what happens next....
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Originally Posted by drmoze
ummmm.... no.
I know it is unfashionable to like the Bose but I'm happy with it. I'm not an audiophile but it sounds good to me and is easy to use. I couldn't find another off-the-shelf product that would fit the smallish space with as little visual impact for the price. If you value your time (as I do), the Bose isn't as expensive as a system requiring shopping for components and putting them together. I'd buy one again.
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