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asabase 08-13-06 09:15 PM

Wall mount brackets?
Is there a deal to be had on a decent plasma bracket for a 50"?

All the ones I've seen seem way overpriced for what they are.

Brian Shannon 08-18-06 01:35 PM

I saw several the other day at my local Costco but honnestly, do you really want to take a chance with a plasma hanging on the wall? Not saying you should overpay but if the bracket is of good quality it will likely cost some money!

asabase 08-21-06 09:54 PM

Well, I ended up buying this one yesterday since they are offering free shipping. It says it holds up to a 60" so hopefully its sturdy enough.


asabase 08-24-06 11:51 PM

They sent me a silver one instead of a black one. The box says it will only support a 50" one and 132lbs. Amazon said it would do 60" and 198lbs.

On top of that, there was another box full of fabric samples inside the main box that had it's own UPS shipping label on it.

Spiky 08-25-06 12:15 AM

I had a long, bizarre discussion with some installers about these once. They seemed to think that plasmas are going to jump off the wall and would pile up extra wood and all sorts of craziness for each install, Fort Knox is less strong. They would put up the brackets and then have 2 guys hang off them to see if they were strong enough. So that's about 400 lbs. Gee, the <100 lb TV might just rip it off the wall. They actually said to me, "it's not like some art you can hang on anything, this is a plasma TV!". Like a $4000 TV (available at any local electronics store) is a worse loss than a unique $50000 painting.

On the other hand, as with any universal bracket, you need to double check before you start drilling that it will actually fit your TV. And I wouldn't play with the tilt feature, that is likely what makes the bracket only rated to 90 lbs. Most straight plasma brackets can hold 2-3x more, like the basic $80 one from the same company listed there.

We got something just like that recently. A smaller UPS box (with completed shipping label and everything) inside the large box delivered to us. The other address was local, but not similar to ours so that it could be mistaken. We were trying to figure out how it could get in there. Did UPS open our box and let another one fall in before closing it up again? Really strange.

asabase 08-25-06 12:19 AM

Amazon's description is all messed up. In one spot it says 90lbs, another (on the same page) 198lbs. And the box I actually got, it says 132 lbs. The TV weight is supported on a 3/4" steel bolt, so I'm not worried about the weight.

I was more interested in it fitting 60" tvs in case I upgrade in the future but the box says only 50".

asabase 08-27-06 08:57 AM

Well the mounting bolts included in the kit won't fit. They include a short and long 8mm bolt. I need a medium one.

Who still carries metric hardware? Last time I was in HD and Lowe's the selection was horrible.

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