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How to play DVD on RF-only TV?

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How to play DVD on RF-only TV?

Just bought a DVD player, but since my TV has RF input only, I had to plug the DVD composite video output into my VCR composite input, and the VCR RF output into the TV.

Playing a DVD, I discovered the picture to be wavy, apparently due to macrovision copy protection. I was NOT recording, only viewing.

I then swapped the VCR with my roomates VCR (bought in 2003, whereas my vcr was bought in 2000), and this time the picture was NOT distorted.

I'd rather seek another VCR rather than a $20 adaptor that does nothing other than convert composite to RF.

So my question is: why are only some (and not other) VCR's susceptible to macrovision at the composite inputs?
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Get yourself an RF converter box, try any of the big chains; Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, etc. I use one with my portable DVD player sometimes when the hotel TV doesn't have any AV inputs.
On the macrovision, sorry can't help you.
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RF Modulator - they sell them everywhere now. Usually $10-15 dollars.
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Originally Posted by redss
So my question is: why are only some (and not other) VCR's susceptible to macrovision at the composite inputs?
Macrovision screws with the VCR's automatic gain control. Some VCRs only use AGC when recording, so you can safely use them to hook a DVD player up to a TV. Others always activate AGC, and will barf on any Macrovision-enabled disc.

Which VCRs exhibit this problem varies from brand to brand and sometimes from model to model. Despite your objections, you're probably better off buying a composite -> RF converter.
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Maybe you are already aware of this, but a DVD played through an RF input is not going to look too nice. Personally, I would not be able to tolerate it. If you care at all about picture quality, you should get a TV that can accept composite at the very least. Not sure how big your TV is, but you can get a 20" with s-video input for around $100 now. Or you can get one with composite from Wal-Mart for $70 or 80, and even that will probably look much better than RF.

Of course, money is probably a major constraint, which I understand completely.
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As cheap as standard-definition TVs are these days, I can't imagine how money can possibly be a constraint.
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I'm just assuming that economics are probably a key factor in considering hooking the DVD player through a VCR RF input rather than a proper TV input. But yes, SDTVs are dirt cheap now.
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