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compukiller 06-24-06 04:00 PM

DVR to PC backup
Does anyone here know how to backup programs on a comcast DVR box to a PC? The idea is to store them the PC, then transfer them back to the box when I want to watch them. Is this possible (and if so, with HD content)?

Spiky 06-25-06 12:20 AM

Does the box have Firewire output? If not, you can't do much.

J-DAM 06-25-06 11:38 PM

I think Comcast uses encryption anyway, so even if you could get the data out, you couldn't decipher it.

Spiky 06-26-06 09:25 AM

Well, plenty of people are doing this, esp on Mac computers since it works smoother. So I don't think the encryption is an issue at the Firewire output. You just have to have the right cable box and the right software. The software is aimed at backing up D-Theater tapes, but works with some DVRs, too. From what I'm told, I've never done this myself.

compukiller 06-26-06 10:45 PM

Yes it does have the firewire connection. I just want place to store the content, so I don't fill up the hard drive on the DVR. I would then, ideally, like to be able to transfer the content back to the dvr and watch it on my tv. Is this at all possible? What is the software?

Spiky 06-27-06 12:00 PM

Assuming you have a Windows box, I don't know. I just know plenty of people do it. There are HTPC forums at the usual big sites, AVS, HTS, etc. There will no doubt be threads to look this up.

The Firewire must also be turned on. That is not always the case, and depends on the local cable company.

cajun_junky 06-27-06 02:36 PM

This has been discussed here before. I think the following link might help.


compukiller 06-27-06 04:28 PM


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