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Scrambled DVDs on HDTV

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delete me

nevermind, problem solved

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Could be that your DVD player isn't set to output a progressive signal (although that doesn't explain the waviness). Check to make sure your component output is set to progressive. Also, make sure the cables are intact and connected correctly. Could be a bad cable.
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Do I need to buy a new DVD player that has HDMI upconversion?
No but you might want to consider it.

As to the problem, I agree with Bob, check your menu settings for both the dvd player and the tv for the input you have selected. Definitely sounds like a settings issue.
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Is the TV's component input set to RGB setting ? It should be set to component setting or you might get a sync issue.
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I have a Sony TV and player. With my Sony 16x9 TV you cannot view the 4x3 screen mode through component input if the progressive scan is ON on the DVD player. It looks scrambled. Don't know what your player and tv is set to but try turning the progressive scan off on the player or try a different screen mode.
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Originally Posted by subliminalis
Ok, thanks for everyone's help. That fixed the problem on a few DVDs but for some reason, older DVDs look off. (I tried watching The Matrix and it looks like the pixels are freaking out, the black parts of the movie are actually many colors of black, like legos.) Maybe it's time for a new DVD player.

I tried watching Saw 2 and it is unwatchable, it looks like worse than a VHS tape. :*(
that's very odd. I have that same tv in my bedroom and it is connected to my denon 2910 in the living room with a 50 foot long composite video cable - and it looks great. Maybe a new dvd player is in order - you should be getting an excellent picture on that tv.
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Check both your player and TV for a Black Level or NTSC setting. They should both be on 0 IRE or "darker" or some such.
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