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Ravenous 02-11-06 04:55 PM

Repairing a Subwoofer? Help!
Ive been having problems with my sub latley. It seems like something is loose inside be becuase it works fine, but when a deep bass moment happens, something inside raddles and sounds uglier than hell. It sounds like metal hitting metal. The speaker isnt torn and the cone looks fine.

The problem I have is getting TO the speaker. I cant remove the front cover at all nor do I see how. I unscrewed the whole back but it has no access to the speaker, just the electronics.

If I have to replace it, I was thinking about this one:


Brian Shannon 02-11-06 05:38 PM

I am suprised that the driver is not screwed into the cabinet, what kind is it?

Ravenous 02-11-06 06:19 PM

Its a Sony SA WMSP2. This is how it looks:http://cgi.ebay.com/Sony-Subwoofer-S...QQcmdZViewItem

I cant see how in the hell to remove that cover.

While I have this thread I should ask, do the ohms matter when getting a new sub? THe one thats going out is 8 ohms. The one I want to get (see link above) is listed as 6 ohms. Does that mean its incompatible?

Ravenous 02-12-06 04:10 AM

Anyone with help on the ohms? Thats my biggest thing as Id hate to start a thread just asking that when im trying right here.

Brian Shannon 02-12-06 06:45 AM

If it is a powered sub then no it does not matter as the subs internal amp will power it.

Since your original one is part of a set it may not be possible to easily take it apart, sorry.

Spiky 02-13-06 04:02 PM

Sounds like you may be bottoming the sub, where the driver goes as far as it can go forward and back. That would damage any speaker quickly. This happens when you push it too hard. If you can use it at lower, reasonable volume without this happening, do so. If it doesn't have the same noise, the sub may still be ok. (I see the first review at your CC link says the same thing)

If it's broke, and you really like cranking the volume, you may need to up your budget a bit. A $100 sub is really not made for ear-splitting levels, regardless of what TV commercials claim. My bro-in-law used to crank his little $900 Sunfire sub. Only took one moment to kill it when a building flexed in the Matrix. He's had to tone it down a bit til he can upgrade to an SVS. The look on his face when I demonstrated a $600 SVS was priceless. (and no, I'm not recommending a $600 budget)

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