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Nazgul 12-03-05 11:18 PM

HDTV advice needed
I'm looking for some help on deciding about buying an HDTV. I defiantly want one however after a few days of shopping and researching I feel a bit overwhelmed.

Budget: No more than $2500 for the TV itself.
Tech: LCD, DLP (My wife can see the 'rainbow effect', I can't) or Plasma. We prefer LCD (Rear Projection) over DLP and Plasma.

We'll be just about 8-9 feet from the TV, so I can't go much larger than 55".

Low amount of gaming currently, however it could increase. I'm also looking at the PS3 next year.

Any help/guidance would be great.


The Bus 12-04-05 08:36 AM

I'm in the process now of deciding if I need to fix my very old CRT projection HDTV (Hitachi, about 5 years old) or upgrade. The problem is, all the new tech has pretty serious problems. (Rainbow effect, "screen door" effect, black levels, brightness). Even LCoS isn't perfect. And for better DLP systems, we're talking about spending at least $2500 to get a decent size. Meanwhile, awesome CRT projection HDTVs are available. Save yourself $1000-$1500 and pick up a decent CRT projection, and save up the other $1000 for your next TV.

That would be my advice. Paying for the "bleeding edge" is going to leave a less-than-perfect picture. Not that CRT is less than perfect, but it's a fraction of the cost.

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