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filmfreak 11-30-05 08:23 PM

Help! Hitachi 43 inch Projection TV
I have a Hitachi 43 inch model 43FWX20B Projection TV. The TV recently went out on me, basically it was working perfectly one day and then it just shut off and wouldn’t turn back on.

I waited about 2 months and finally had a “Hitachi specialist” remove the entire inner unit out for repair. The television appears to work fine except for a purple and yellow colored line affecting the left side of the TV. I tried the magic focus, which is an auto convergence self adjustment. That did not take away the purple and yellow color on the left side. I decided to do the manual adjustment and it seemed to be successful (as far as aligning the white, red and blue lines), but the colors are still there.

Any advice on this issue will be much appreciated!!

NestoJR 12-04-05 04:07 AM

probably won't get much help here.

go to avsforum, theres a dedicated thread for Hitachi RPTVs if you look.

hell I'll link ya, sorry if this isn't the correct one


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