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DVDguy123 06-25-05 09:57 PM

Apex Vs. Phillips
I have an older Apex AD-800 and its working great (had it for about 4+ years). Thinking of buying the Phillips DVP 642 - because I heard great things about it - it's only $60 AND it plays DIVX files. Any thought about this choice? I don't have tons of Divx files, but it would be cool to be able to play them on my HT system.

However, Apex has been a workhorse, and plays most of what I throw at it.

Also, Don't need the built in decoder on the AD-800.

Anyone have either player and could help out, that would be great!

MrBob 06-26-05 10:48 PM

I have the Phillips and have had it for over half a year, and so far it has performed exceptionally. It does a great job with Divx files, mpeg etc. It is also easy to hack to region free and does proper pal conversion. I haven't had any problem with dvds, both burned and unburned. It is worth the money IMO. Especially if you watch a lot of divix files.

For example I have Arrested Development S2 in divix, and the picture quality very very close to dvd quality, and this is on an HDTV to. If I didn't love the show so much, I wouldn't buy the second season when it comes out.

I also have an Apex AD3201, and that is a well built player that has been abused, many hits, many times left out in a car all day in 90+ or freezing weather and it will still play fine.

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