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Poet 06-24-05 10:52 PM

Recommendation for a DVD Player?

It seems my much loved DVD player has decided it is time to take a dive. (Panasonic with the infamous H07 error). I'm looking for a replacement but my knowledge is extremely limited so I am looking for suggestions for a replacement DVD player. I'm not sure if all of the following information is neccessary, but I figure it cannot hurt. The dvd player will connect by optical output to a Yamaha HTR-5540 receiver powering a Mirage 5.1 audio setup and by component cable to a Mitsubishi WS-55805 (55 widescreen from 2001). There are no specific features that I need, just a nice solid DVD player that will provide the best picture possible (for a not wholly outlandish cost). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

svadas 06-25-05 08:06 AM

It seems the 2 hot models in the $200 range right now are the Oppo and the Panasonic S77. Which is better? I have no idea. If that's too much people like the Pioneer 588(I think that's the number) at around $130. If you are looking higher price I don't have a clue.

Spiky 06-26-05 08:18 AM

The Oppo would not be good for this setup. Either the Panny or Pioneer would be good players.

B.Mack 07-02-05 09:02 AM

Spiky is right. Don't go with the Oppo, you need a DVI connection to get the full benefits. The component output of this unit will not output
HD or even a 480 progressive signal.

svadas 07-02-05 09:11 PM

Oops, I didn't see the component requirements. I'd go with a Pioneer.

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