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K&AJones 05-29-05 09:38 PM

Opinions on Pioneer,Lite-On & LG DVD recd'rs
Hello Everyone

I'm toying with the idea of getting a stand-alone DVD recorder. I gave it a thought about 6-8 months ago but decided to wait and see what's coming out. Now I can talk sound and TV's but when it comes to DVD recorders I'm at a lost. I've heard and read everything good on the $200 models to the $700 ones being crappy. PQ is a must for me with sound being second. I know not to expect something like it came from a major studio but not below a cheap VCR's output either.

We have both a 4:3 and 16:9 tv using Dish sat. and yes one is HD. I've got two Pioneer DVD players with a 5.1 sound system (Pioneer/Polk and Denon/Boston) on both. I'm looking to record shows like CSI, Lost and Stargate since sometimes I have to work late and miss them. Same with a movie or specials from HBO and such.

I've picked Pioneer simply because their players always seem to have a great picture and the two DVD players I have provide just that.
The Lite-On models have developed a good reputation on overall performace and price.
The LG brand has a solid rating on all their electronics and the pc burners are considered highly recommended.

Any thoughts and suggestions on these? Thanks for any help.

Kenny J.

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