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mssr pants 05-20-05 03:36 PM

Oppo composite picture any good?
I'm looking for a region-free dvd player as my cyberhome is starting to go a bit nutty after a couple years of use. I've read lots of good about the Oppo player... but probably won't have a fancified DVI TV for some time. Is the composite picture worthwhile on the Oppo to use until an eventual TV upgrade? Should I look elsewhere? Or should I cheap out on a Malata or another Cyberhome in the meanwhile.

Also... if anyone knows offhand... how well do DIVX/XVID players play subtitles?


renaldow 05-22-05 07:36 PM

I've got an Oppo, and love it. However, I have it for the DVI input. IMHO, I would never have spent $200 on it if it wasn't for DVI. Component pic is decent, but nothing special. Don't know about composite or Svideo. If I were You I'd look one of the more bargain priced region free players. Composite output from most players is going to be about the same, no reason to spend $200 when $50 will work, you know?

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