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KillerQ 03-31-05 11:46 AM

DVI or Component DVD - which is better with HDTV
Hey all,

Quick question. I am confused between 2 setups as to which one gives a better signal. I am interested in which is better for HD CRT big screen as well as HD DLP widescreen. Which is better:

1)Progressive scan DVD player hooked up via component video cables
2)A DVD player that “up converts” to 1080 connected with the HVI video cable…

I am interested in which is better for CRT and DLP….

Thanks a ton!!


Deftones 03-31-05 11:50 AM

DVI is going to be better than component.

Spiky 03-31-05 12:23 PM

Not necessarily. For a CRT, the final image is analog. Therefore, there will be a digital-to-analog conversion at some point. It depends on which machine has a better processor. If the DVDp is better, component is probably best.

For digital displays that actually DISPLAY digitally like plasma, DLP, LCD, etc., the DVI or HDMI is probably a better connection. Still can depend on the capabilities of the player and the display, though.

X 03-31-05 12:58 PM

Another consideration for DVI vs component is that some of the TVs circuitry that performs picture adjustments such as color can be bypassed when a digital (DVI) signal is sent rather than an analog (component) one. So you may have less ability to adjust the color intensity, hue, sharpness and other aspects of the picture.

ShagMan 04-01-05 11:51 AM

You're gonna want to get DVI or HDCP, component inputs are "probably" not going to be available on HD-DVD/Blue-Ray, according to a thread in the main forum.

Spiky 04-01-05 12:09 PM

Specifically, you want HDMI if you are looking at digital connections. It is a form of DVI that always includes audio and HDCP. It is the new future for connections.

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