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DJ_Longfellow 03-28-05 04:33 PM

1080i / Component Cables hook-up question
Ok, I have a 55" Mitsubishi TV. It's a few years old, but does support 1080i.

It has a DTV input and two component inputs. I noticed that ONLY the 1080i is supported on the DTV input, not the other component (those only do 480p)

Anyways, my question....I just purchased an XBOX game (ATV vs MX) and it supports 1080i. HOWEVER, my Comcast DVR box is hooked up to that input. Is there any way I can share that between my XBOX and the DVR box????

I do have a Sony STR-DA1000ES. I noticed it has two component inputs, and one component out on it. Could I hook my DVR and XBOX to the inputs, then run component cables to my TV (DTV input)??? I'm not sure if receivers carry the 1080i signal....


Brian Shannon 03-28-05 04:54 PM

I guess the real question is, what mode does your tv support and on what input?

The XBox is hooked up via component cables with their HD pack, that is how I have it hooked up in my system. You then set the Xbox to output the HD resolution (if it exists on the game) and set the tv input to accept an HD signal.

DJ_Longfellow 03-28-05 04:57 PM

Ok, my XBOX is set to 480P and 1080i. The XBOX is hooked up to my component input on my TV (not the DTV). The component inputs only support 480p....only the DTV supports 1080i.

I've never run video through my receiver, so I'm not sure if it supports 1080i. It just carries the signal, right?

So, to clarify....my XBOX is only hooked up to a 480p input, and I want to share it with teh 1080i input.


chipmac 03-28-05 05:07 PM

You could hook up both the xbox and the DVR at the same time using Y adapters. I wouldn't bother with it though as there are so few xbox games that output at 1080i. Less than 5 I think. Out of those how many do you own? If you own any and playing in 1080i worth it over 480p than go for it.

Spiky 03-28-05 05:30 PM

Running through the receiver's switching would likely produce fewer artifacts than Y connectors for video. It doesn't hurt to try, that is what they are there for. Any ES model should be capable of HD bandwidth at this point, and the specs indicate it should work just fine.

DJ_Longfellow 03-28-05 06:44 PM

Ok, I may try it through my receiver....I can still leave my DVD player hooked up direct. I'll just have to find a cheap pair of component acbles now.....

Thanks for the input.....please feel free to add more if you know for sure if it will display 1080i


DJ_Longfellow 03-29-05 08:14 AM

Anyone know where I can get some cheap component cables....well, reasonable at least

I only have one game in 1080i, so it's not the BIGGEST deal....but I would like to see how it looks. Are graphics THAT MUCH better in 1080i rather than 480p?


tonyc3742 03-29-05 09:28 AM

They do have switchboxes for component video, ranging from 25 bucks to 500.
According to HDTVArcade.com, there are 6 Xbox games in 1080i.

I actually found my PS2 component cables at Toys R us for like 7 bucks. Not sure how much Xbox ones would cost.

DJ_Longfellow 03-29-05 09:38 AM

Yeah, I already have XBOX component cables....I just need an extra set to run from my receiver to my TV (if I use that as my switch). I put a bid on a pair on EBAY. If they don't work, oh well....I need longer cables anyways.

I also think my TV may convert 720p to 1080i. We'll see....never tried it, since my XBOX was always hooked up to the normal component input, not the DTV one.

Also, looking to do this for the future, since next-gen systems were rumored to use 720p for ALL games

tonyc3742 03-29-05 09:45 AM

Oh, I see. Mine weren't 'cheap', but I got my set from Best Buy for 20-25 bucks. [They were not Monster brand.]
Any non-crappy set would be able to show you how much difference there is. I've heard that the improvement in performance you get from 'regular brand' to the ungodly expensive Monsterbrand, is not at all in line with what you pay for that upgrade.
There are websites you can buy 'bulk' component cables in whatever length you want, priced by the foot, but I'm not familiar with any of those sites.

DJ_Longfellow 03-29-05 10:29 AM

Well, I have like three differnet set of components on my TV.

1. Monster THX (they were cheap)
2. XBOX component cables....generic, came with HD pack
3. Comcast provided me some component cables...seem ok, thicker

I put a bid on the AR pro series (12') for about $15....so we'll see

chipmac 03-29-05 01:05 PM

DJ your Mits won't accept a 720p signal from your xbox. It will only take 480i/p or 1080i and since it won't accept 720p it can't upconvert to 1080i. Sorry.

DJ_Longfellow 03-29-05 01:20 PM

Ok, I thought I read somewhere it would....I guess not

DJ_Longfellow 04-05-05 10:18 AM

Well, I finally got an extra component cable from EBAY. Hooked it up through my receiver and the 1080i now works on both my Digital Cable and my XBOX....just as I thought. Now I may need to invest in some shorter component cables

Mx vs ATV looks nice in 1080i. yeah.

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