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Yamaha HTR 5230 Help (weird situation)

Old 03-17-05, 04:42 PM
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Yamaha HTR 5230 Help (weird situation)

Hello this is my first post in this forum, prompted by my recent problems that i figured only you fine people could help me with. there are a series of problems i have encountered, provided here with some back story to give some frame of reference so bear (bare?) with me...

So, as of last week my "home (small apartment) theater" consisted of a Yamaha HTR-5230 receiver, Toshiba SD1200 dvd player, 4 JBL N24 speakers in front and back, JBL Sub, and JBL center...All speakers are hooked up with Monster speaker wire, and i am using a monster Digital Coaxial cable for audio.

Everything was going wonderfully until last week when my receiver stopped acknowledging the digital signal. I had a similar problem with the receiver this summer which was "fixed" by Best Buy, so when it went out i assumed it was the same thing, and decided to just get a new receiver until i got it figured out...so i picked up an HTR 5740, and when that didn't decode digitally either, i pointed the finger at my DVD player...this is were it gets kind of strange and hard to figure out where the problem stems from...

so before i returned the new receiver to save myself 350 doolars, i tried a friends dvd player on the 5740...it decoded digitally! so i figured since it was obviously my player and not the receiver, i could save a lot of money, and returned the new receiver, hooked up my old one, and just got a new sony dvd player instead....

sony dvd player + 5230 receiver = no digital
original dvd player + 5230 receiver = no digital
friends dvd player (toshiba also) + 5230 receiver - DIGITAL????

as if that wasn't confusing enough, that one player which is actually working semi-properly, is also slightly off on the audio (the audio and video don't sync)

sorry that this is so long and confusing, i was just hoping that maybe there is someone who is willing to read through it and give me some help/advice

i have no idea what to think about this, the lack of logic in the whole situation is just ridiculous

thanks in advance to any and all who actually read this and can offer me some insight, ill be checking back often,to see, and offer follow up questions or whatever...

thanks again
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in troubleshooting, it's best to keep everything consistent and change only ONE thing at at time, to localize the problem. right now, you have a problem with the original player AND the new player (kind of) with your old receiver. and you know your friend's player works on your receiver, so it's probably not the receiver.

have you tried bringing just your old player to your friend's house and see if you can get digital audio out there? if it works, then the problem may be with the coaxial cable that you've been using at home (it's unlikely but still a possibility).
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Also check that you have the receiver set to accept a Digital signal. Most have an auto detection that you can turn on or off. If you turn it off, you may have to manually tell it to get a signal from the DVD player.

Also check the DVD player just to make sure you don't have to tell it what connection you are using.
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