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Possible to get Digital signal with RCAs?

Old 02-04-05, 04:56 PM
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Possible to get Digital signal with RCAs?

Hello. I hope someone could answer this. Is it possible to get a Dolby Digital signal with audio/video RCAs?

I have a Sony Receiver STR-DE825 with 2 DVD players connected to it. One DVD player is connected via an optical cable and I get a digital signal, but the second player is connected via RCAs and I cannot seem to get the digital sound to work even though it does have a DD output. The only audio options I have are Digital Optical, Digital Coaxial, Analog and Auto Input. I can get the sound through the 5 channels, but not the Digital signal.

If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it.
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What do you mean by "connected via RCAs"? If you are connecting the L/R from the second DVD player to L/R RCA inputs on the receiver, then that is an ANALOG signal, period. To get DD/digital audio, you need to connect the digital coaxial output from the DVD player to a digital coaxial input on the receiver (if they exist). This connection is DIGITAL and uses a SINGLE RCA cable.

You did ask for suggestions, so I have one: get a better receiver. $^) If your speakers are half-decent, you'll hear a difference...
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Originally Posted by Chip718
The only audio options I have are Digital Optical, Digital Coaxial, Analog and Auto Input. I can get the sound through the 5 channels, but not the Digital signal.
Are those the options on your receiver or the DVD player (that isn't working)?

Do you only have one optical input on your receiver? You can always hook it up via optical into a receiver input other than 'DVD'. You could also use digital coax if you have that option on both the DVD player and receiver. Or, the other option if you have the necessary connections available is multichannel analog. In that case, you would have individual RCA inputs/outputs for each signal: left front, right front, sub, center, left rear, right rear.
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Yes you can get digital signals with RCA, and apparntly even a coathanger. If you haven't already, check this thread out:

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if you are short on optical inputs, you can use a splitter in reverse (plug the two dvd players into the outputs and run an optical cable from the input into the receiver). As long as only one dvd player is on at a time, this will work fine.

splitter: http://www.monoprice.com/products/pr...ormat=2&style=
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i have the same receiver just connect the 2nd player into the coaxial input and set the input to auto, the receiver will detect the source when which ever player you are using.
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