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ahbeng 12-09-04 11:16 AM

Plasma with or without DVI or HDMI input
Shopping for a plasma tv (EDTV) and was wondering if I should get one with DVI or HDMI, or should I go for one without and just play my DVDs via component. Will there be a visible difference for the better, if I go with DVI or HDMI? Was thinking that I would play DVDs via component for now and get a player with DVI or HDMI later next year when new and better models come out, hopefully.

I am looking at three Plasmas right now, one has DVI, one has HDMI and one without, all in the same price range. Is HDMI or DVI inputs must-haves nowadays? Is it worth it since the plasmas I am looking at are all EDTVs or HDTVs.

By the way, the one with DVI is a LG RT-42PX10, sorta leaning towards that one, since its about 20 cheaper than the other two.

ahbeng 12-09-04 11:17 AM

eh...20 percent cheaper.

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