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asianxcore 11-14-04 06:54 PM

Question about SHARP LCD TV's.
Just wondering if these are any good. I am thinking of replacing my old Toshiba 32" TV with a 20+ inch Sharp LCD screen. If I just use it mostly as a computer monitor and to watch movies is it ok? Does it handle widescreen films well?

I am just thinking of getting something 20+ not too big, because the TV I have now takes up way too much space and will be difficult to move later on.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Einsatz 11-25-04 07:47 AM

I've just got an LC-32G4U (pic, excuse the mess of cables, that's minutes after first power-on). I like it. A lot. Despite the fact it's in the TV room, I bought it primarily as a monitor for the computers, mostly for gaming - a task which it handles amazingly via DVI.

That said, my old Panny RV31 (non-progressive) DVD Player made the pic look pretty sad. Then again the player is quite old, and connection was via component using audio cables :O
HD programming looks great though! non-HD digital cable over s-video looks grainy, but that's true for all hdtv's I've seen.

Watch out for the dimensions in the manual though, the stand is wider than it looks (as you can see in the pic, I misjudged this with the techcraft tv stand, but it's all good)

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