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mufaddalh 11-09-04 06:36 PM

best dvd player with HDMI output?
I am looking for a very good dvd player with HDMI output to my projector which has HDMI input. I would like to spend less that $300 but I could spend up to $500 if needed. Any suggestions? I know as people get more into projectors, many will need to switch to these types of DVD players to get the most out of watching DVDs on their Hi Def Projector.
Thanks in advance for your help.

broadwayblue 11-09-04 11:54 PM

bravo D2 comes to mind.


gotapex 11-10-04 09:39 PM

The new panasonic DVD-S97S.

Correct 16-235 video level digital output (instead of 0-255... ahem, Samsung)
Scaling to 720p & 1080i
Latest Faroudja processing chip
Good Mpeg decoding chip (common with panasonic)
Plays wide range of disk formats.
Built in DD/DTS decoder
$299 MSRP

mufaddalh 11-10-04 11:25 PM

thx....I am really looking for a player that plays all kinds of formats....are there any region-free HDMI output DVD Players?
again thx.

*RG3* 11-11-04 06:19 AM

I'm very interested in a HD capable region free DVD player as well...

bboisvert 11-11-04 11:00 AM

Have you looked into the Momitsu DVD-V880? (http://www.extremephono.com/momitsu_dvd_v880.htm).

DVI output, great upconversion to HD, region-free, NTSC/PAL... sounds like it basically has everything you'd want. Just get a DVI->HDMI cable, plug it into your HDTV, and you're good to go.

Review: http://www.keohi.com/keohihdtv/video...pressions.html

Berkowitz 11-11-04 12:56 PM

DENON 5900

bryce0lynch 11-12-04 05:57 AM

Originally posted by Berkowitz
DENON 5900
I'm pretty sure tat a $2100 DVD player falls outside of the $300 range the poster requested.

Here's a summary of all the upconverting players from avsforum.com:

mufaddalh 11-13-04 06:18 PM

Thanks for the info guys! One other thing. My projector has only 1 HDMI input. How do I get all things in hi def working thru that 1 input? Is there such think as AV receivers with HDMI input/output? Thanks.

Lampei 11-13-04 11:37 PM

There's this
Should do the job.

broadwayblue 11-14-04 07:37 PM

for now there's not a lot of options as far as DVI/HDMI switching is concerned. the gefen switch that Lampei posted is one way to go...but it's not cheap. HDMI switching receivers are just now entering the market, and they are mostly found on the high end models. i believe that by the end of '05 they will be a standard feature on most <$1000 receivers. until that time most people are using component video for DVD and DVI/HDMI for their HDTV connection (satellite, cable box, etc.) most people feel that if you only have 1 HDMI connection you should use it for whichever source has the highest resolution.

TomMiller 11-18-04 10:45 AM

I just picked up the Panasonic S97, which seems to have the best rep of the current crop of low-priced players. Haven't watched it yet.

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