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sideview1 10-24-04 06:48 PM

DVD Storage for 200+
Hey guys, since getting my projector I'm in for a new DVD storage rack since I got rid of my storage unit. I don't want to spend much, but I have about 250 dvds currently, and I'd probably like something that looks smooth, and holds 200 per rack or something. Or something that is stackable. Any one have any ideas? I just bought a 4 shelf corner stereo rack that looks neat but was only $72 at walmart. I'm very happy with that, and would be looking for something similar.

Also any ideas on good places to get ceiling mounts for my InFocus 4805?

Editted to add:

The thing I bought from walmart looks exactly like this, but I didn't pay the 334 listed:


here's the one I really got...

shelland 10-24-04 08:37 PM

Do some searching - this topic has come up over and over, and there have been a ton of responses.

I ended up going with a popular choice - the Billy (in black) from IKEA. I bouch glass shelves, which I think make it look a little 'sleaker' and classier, and also the light for the top. I origninally bought the glass doors too, but due to the way they screw into the bookcase, I lost too much storage space to make them worth it.

The quality of these shelves for only $59 (without any add-ons) is very impressive.


sideview1 10-24-04 09:08 PM

I did a search for dvd storage, but the search ignores the dvd part

shelland 10-25-04 08:38 PM

Originally posted by sideview1
I did a search for dvd storage, but the search ignores the dvd part
I just did a search on 'shelves' and came up with quite a few results. There were at least a couple that should give you what you're looking for.

Superman07 10-26-04 01:57 PM

Billy in black does sound like an option, as my roommates and I are looking for something as well. We have some space constraints, but still need something large.

We were actually thinking about taking a look at the following form Ikea:


however, it may be too large for us. i'll have to take some measurements when i get home. perhaps it could work for you though. looks like it fits with your current shelf.

shelland 10-27-04 09:49 PM

Billy in black does sound like an option, as my roommates and I are looking for something as well. We have some space constraints, but still need something large.
I was very close to buying one of the 'spinners' in order to conserve space. But when it came time to spend $250 or so for a decent size spinner rack, I decided that Billy was the way to go (financially)...

tdoane78 10-30-04 09:52 PM

A bit more pricey then the Wal-Mart option are the various offerings from Boltz. I have 4 of there 200ish DVD stands in metallic grey. Went through too many dvd stands that fell apart since 1997.


Dah-Dee 11-01-04 11:33 AM

We also bought Billy (in white) from Ikea, two tall units with the extensions to start. We're planning to buy doors but haven't decided which ones (i.e., glass vs. solid) to go with. We're probably going to also buy a corner unit and another regular unit and wrap it around the wall.

shelland, how much storage space did you lose by attempting to use the glass doors?

corbin dallas 11-01-04 09:23 PM

Add another vote for the billy collection from Ikea. Little suckers are sturdy and durable...

shelland 11-02-04 06:17 PM

shelland, how much storage space did you lose by attempting to use the glass doors?
Unfortunately, it was pretty drastic - it's been a while, so I can't remember exact details. But, if I remember right, you lose the three holes at the top, and the three holes on the bottom of each side for the hinges. There might have been another one either above or below the "permanent" shelf too.

If I remember right, every one of the hinges required the moving of a shelf (as I had them situated for DVDs). And they way the shelves fit, after I shifted everything for the door hinges, I think I lost a full shelf on both the upper and lower halves (at least for DVD storage). For DVDs, you can perfectly fit three shelves upper and lower, so that took it from a total of 8 rows (including the bottom and the middle 'permanent' shelf) to 6 rows.

Just wasn't worth it in my mind. Not only did I lose storage, but you couldn't even set up the shelves evenly, so it looked kind of strage.

I had spent enough money in that trip to Ikea (they had just opened locally), so I took the doors back, and used the money elsewhere...

Superman07 11-03-04 09:35 AM

My roommate and I actually decided to go with a "pre-built" unit from Best Buy. We looked all over as it was the best thing to meet our needs. There was no wasted space as it was designed for DVDs. Billy looks great, but there is also too much vertical space wasted.

Turns out we actually needed two. =)

skfields01 11-03-04 11:41 AM

I too was looking for a way to store my DVD collection. I ended up with the following cabinets that were purchased at IKEA. They are 5 shelf cabinets with frosted glass doors. Each shelf holds around 100 DVD's (single depth) or 150 (double depth)... so each cabinet is around 500 to 750 approx.
They cost around $125.00 each. The reason I went with these paticular cabinets were because of the wide shelf spacing and frosted doors. I like the doors because they somewhat hide the fact that it is for storage... that way you could place them in a living room (if you wanted) and they could keep you collection hidden and look simple and attractive. They were designed as kitchen cabinets I believe.





Bokasmo 11-03-04 02:52 PM

I bought a spinner from : www.storeyourmedia.com

It is an amazing piece of construction. It's not cheap, so many will likely go the way of the regular shelf-systems, but the piece needs only 36" from 2 walls, and fits in perfectly into the living room furniture (don't yet have a theatre built yet).

The one I got cost $330 shipped, and holds 700, including box sets. The shelves are movable, so you can fit tins in, but not BIG gift box sets. I placed the two I got (Showgirls/Spiderman) on top of the spinner.

The previous shelves I was using held about 360 DVDs for $30, bought from FYE store. They still sell these. They look like CD racks, but VERY VERY sturdy. Never broke.

My wife made me buy the spinner, because I was ready to buy a 3rd shelf, and it was 'taking over' the living room!

The only drawback is sorting new movies in an alphabeticized system. You have to keep moving the DVDs. Remove one from end, put new movie in, move old DVD down a shelf, repeat the process.

I do like the Billy system though, which I'll probably end up getting one I get my theatre finalized.

EDIT : When u look @ the spinners, it says it holds 604 (i got the cherry one), but that is going very conservative. If you pack em in, like I did, you end up with near 700.

wewantflair 11-03-04 06:58 PM

Sort by genre then by alphabet - it saves you the trouble of having to move everything every time.

skfields01 11-03-04 08:24 PM

That is exactly how I do things.

1st Cabinet
Shelf 1 & 2: New Releases
Shelf 3 & 4: Sci Fi / Fantasy
Shelf 5: Horror

2nd Cabinet
Shelf 1: Action / Adventure
Shelf 2: Drama / Animation
Shelf 3 & 4: Comedy / Romance
Shelf 5: Blank DVD's

Bokasmo 11-03-04 10:15 PM

Pros/Con's to each.

Alpha, is you gotta move them each time, the PRo is a super organized and instant way to find your movie.

Friend comes over, asks for the Professional. Right to P, voila.

Genre way, Professional? Action? Drama? Thriller? Which genre did I put it in?

You'll find many movies double-genre. With 600+ DVDs, I'm not gonna remember every genre.

Sorry, like em Alphabetized

skfields01 11-03-04 11:17 PM

Each to their own. I personally think that every film has one Main Category that it falls into and could have several Sub-Categories as overtones.

Star Wars: Sci Fi (Main) Adventure (Sub)
Leon: Action (Main) Drama (Sub)
Bridget Jones: Comedy (Main) Romance (Sub)
Jerry Maguire: Romance (Main) Comedy (Sub)
Mystic River: Drama (Main)

Atleast that is my opinion. I always know where ANY DVD is in my cabinet. If a friend wanted to borrow one... he can ask and I'll tell them where it is. The system is only designed to suit me and my wife. But some people like the Alpha way. Just a bit hard to reorganize when you have that many.

sideview1 11-04-04 08:38 AM

Thanks for all the information everybody. I like that spinner a lot, but I just don't know what size to get. I think I'll keeping hunting around to see what else catches my eye.

Bokasmo 11-04-04 09:03 AM

No matter what size shelf you finally decide on, try and get one that is quite bigger than your current DVD collection. Otherwise, if you are married or have family @ home, the shelves can become a prob with the others.

If you have 150 DVDs now, I'd get a shelf that holds about 300-350.

Figure out how many DVDs per week you buy, and see just how long it would take to fill it up.

One of the best shelves for money is the wood rack I used to use. For $30, it held 300 DVDs. You can get this @ FYE stores, usually found inside malls. Don't try their website, it's not there. I've looked.

cowanrg 11-07-04 10:20 PM

i use Boltz racks. they are very nice, VERY sturdy and they look great. they are expandable as well. you can find them at www.boltz.com

the downside is they get expensive. but, like anything, you get what you pay for...

my dvd/cd rack with a couple hundred cds and about 100 dvd's takes 2 people to lift :) (which comes in handy if you have big subs)

jhowie 11-09-04 06:56 PM

I bought a Sony 400 DVD Carousel player, packed up the cases in a air tight rubbermade storage case in the basement, and printed off custom 1 page reports from DVDProfiler and placed them in 2" binders. When I go over 400 DVDs (Which I will) I will just get a second 400 player. I have very limited space on the walls for shelves and this was a easier solution than storage shelves sitting on the floor.

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