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Mole177 06-26-04 04:25 AM

Proscan TV?
any info aboult this company and their products?

Kman1011 06-26-04 09:46 AM

Its RCA's high end line, stay away from anything thompson electronics

Lamont 06-26-04 12:18 PM

I've had a Proscan tv for 11+ years now, not a single problem, still works great. Not sure if this will help you, but there is my 2 cents.

critterdvd 04-29-09 09:12 PM

Re: Proscan TV?
My parents had a proscan for over 10 years before they upgraded to HD.

I just purchased a 42inch 1080p LCD Proscan from costco for $599.99 and love it so far.

SoSpacey 04-30-09 08:52 AM

Re: Proscan TV?
I bought a ProScan 36" SDTV in January of 99. It had a great picture and not one problem until I passed it off to my brother in law in December of 06. It is still running string for him to this day. This TV got a lot of use.

My cousin bought a 36" ProScan SDTV in the mid 90s and it is still in his living room going strong.

I hear more recently their quality has dropped off a bit.

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