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Wozza 06-24-04 07:22 AM

Panasonic vs Sony Widescreen tube
Hi There

Been looking at a few TV's in town as I will need to upgrade from my trusty 14" with crackly speaker sometime - although I'll keep it to plug my pre-dreamcast systems into. Both these systems seem to be good value for money, anyone know much about either system and/or know which is a better set? Or know of a simular priced set thats worth checking out? Just as important are there any features that either of these sets lack or anything I should know about? Also need to get a HT setup sometime to hook up to it too.

Panasonic 32 widescreen Television
Model: TX-76PW60A
Product features:


* 32 (76cmv) wide screen size
* 100 Hz Super Digital Scan
* Fine Pitch CRT Tube
* Teletext
* NICAM Stereo
* Graphical OSD
* Digital Comb Filter
* Aspect Control
* Owner ID

Sony 32 Widescreen Television
Model: EH32LS65
Product features:


* 32 (76cmv) screen size
* FD Trinitron wide screen
* 100Hz Digital plus
* Auto DNR
* 10 watts RMS x2
* Virtual Dolby and BBE
* 250 page memory
* Picture in Picture

Theres a lot of features I'm not worried about as I don't watch actual TV much and will mainly DVD and Game it. AV inputs I will need to get an extra multi AV adaptor thing any also so thats also not too much of an issue.

As for Dolby ect - I take it I wouldn't have any problems hooking these up to a home theater somewhere down the line?

Pretty much the only thing I'm really worried about is getting the best picture I can for my $. Does anyone know what Digital Comb Filter or Graphical OSD mean and if it makes a differance between the Panasonics quality or the Sony's?


btw I'm more looking at this type of TV as:

All the Rear Projection sets I have seen look a little dark
Plasma's are pretty pricey...
Projectors = expensive bulbs

Also this looks like a pretty cool DVD player, a 5 changer would be nice since the LOTR EE's are on two DVD's - getting off your arse to do stuff is a pain. ;)

Slim design 5 disc DVD/CD player. Panasonics DVDF65 also features multi format playback and component output for a high quality picture feed to your TV.
Product features:

* Super Slim 5 Disc DVD/CD Player
* Multi format playback including MP3,WMA,JPEG,CD-R/RW and DVD-RAM/-R
* Progressive scan for NTSC
* Component video out

Doesn't say if it's multi-region? I guess it would be? I'm a little new to the HT side of things. ;)

I should also get a stand or something, my current set-up isn't the easiest on the eyes...

Add a Saturn and I think thats pretty much up to date.

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