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Old 12-09-03, 11:10 AM   #1
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Cheap DVD player recommendations?

My brother and I are thinking about getting our parents a DVD player and a gift sub to Netflix for Christmas.
Looking for recommendations on 'cheap' [ie, inexpensive] DVD players.
Desired features:

* Easy to hook up.
* Perhaps having a coax hookup [don't know if any have this] [I don't know if their tv has the RCA yellow/red/white jacks, I can get my brother to check, or, they make adapters for that, don't they?]
* Easy to setup.
* Easy to use.
* Userfriendly remote.
* Doesn't have to be progressive scan [they probably will never get a digital tv.]
* CD-R compatible.
* JPEG on CD-R compatible
* Good quality
* Less than, say, 60 bucks
* Any other features that you think would be good for non-cinephiles/hometheaterphiles, to make their renting of DVD's better.
* Good picture/built in sound [their tv is, i think 29" inches or so.]
* One of those 'virtual surround' features.

They probably won't buy any dvd's, unless we give them to them, but they will be renting a lot, from Blockbuster and from Netflix.
The JPEG on CDR would be a nice bonus, because I take a lot of pictures of their only grandson on a digital camera, and burn to CDR and send to them. They currently look at them on their computer, but I thought having this accessibility would be nice.

Thanks for any tips; I'll go browse the websites, but let me know of any brands/models to look for/avoid.
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Old 12-09-03, 11:17 AM   #2
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Under $60 I think they're all going to be about the same. For another $20 or so you could get something quality like the Toshiba SD3900 that's going to do all that and be a major brand name. It has the surround mode also. Going to the $80 price point opens up a few other really good players as well. Eveything $60 and below is going to be in the Apex, Classic, Cyberhome, Bob's DVD Player realm of quality.

The only players I know of that have a built in coax type is going to be a combo DVD/VCR. Those have fallen in price though and can be had for around $100 if you look. You can get an RF modulator that converts it from the composite and 2 audio cables to the coax at radio shack and other places. They run $20-40 though, which might make getting a combo DVD/VCR unit make more sense.
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Old 12-09-03, 11:57 AM   #3
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Join Date: Aug 2002
Location: Triangle, NC, USA
Posts: 8,454
Hmm, I hadn't thought about a DVD/VCR combo unit....They do still have some videotapes, and might still rent stuff that's only on video. And of course that would be easier to hook up [I assume] than two separate units. Even if their tv has the composite cables, this might be worth getting for the added flexibility--I think the two TV's theyd hook it to do have vcr's. I'll check into the Toshiba SD3900 also.
Thanks for the info.
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