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compukiller 07-01-03 02:20 PM

Samsung TV vertical problems
Hello. I am having a problem with my tv where the picture is squeezed into a very thin line across a black screen. Someone told me I was having a vertical problem. Can this be fixed safely at home, or should I call a repair man? If it can be fixed at home, how can I fix it?



Joe R 07-14-03 11:48 PM

Go to www.hometheaterspot.com they have specific forums for most brands including Samsung.

chipmac 07-15-03 12:24 AM

If you see no picture and only a black line that's something you should definitely call a tech on. If the vertical control is shot there's nothing you'll be able to do about it yourself.

DigIt 07-15-03 12:33 PM

I hate to be king of the obvious, but "cool new member" might mean...

Please make sure you are not just experiencing letterboxed film.


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