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Old 04-02-03, 02:48 PM   #1
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Question about Samsung DLP and what is needed with it.

My father in law is looking to get a new TV, and seeing as how I work at best buy he asked what my perferance was.

I told him about the Samsung hln5065w and he seems to like it. Now, a few questions...

I am finding it hard to find reviews on this set, is there any of you who might have a opinion on the samsung? Also, what would he need to get HDTV? I know that if he gets a HD receiver he can receive over the air signals by using the receiver and somthing along the lines of the radio shack bowtie, but would there be a problem doing this as we live about 75 miles from the broadcasting station? Right now we have DirecTV and I guess he could upgrade the receiver and dish that he has, but I do not think that he is willing to go and do this for some reason.

As this would be the first "nice" tv that he has had, is there anything else that he might need?

Thanks in advance for any help that you may be able to provide.
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The HLN series is not out yet, the HLM is. The HLM5065 is available at Best Buy, and the HLM 507 is available from "higher end" retail outlets like Ultimate Electronics, Magnoli, etc. The HLN series will have 2 new sizes not available in the HLM series, a 47" and 55"., it will also have a third set in the series, the 507/427 will no longer be Tannus series.
You will need a good progressive scan dvd player and either OTA or HD sat, or HDcable if available in your area. You might want to go look at the avscience board as it seems everyone and their dog has or has had one of these sets, and they all have waaayyyy to much info about them.
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