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danol 04-02-03 01:44 AM

RCA F38310 2001 model, how long will a tube HDTV Last?
I have my F38310 on since it was purchased in June of 2001, so far absolutely no problems. I was lurking up at AVS forum and seen that their poll list 30 of out of 37 that particpated have had no problems with their sets.

I would like to find out your opinions about how long this Performax tube and chassis power will hold out. I have never used the 'built' in Direct TV. I am told this is the same 'tube' in the German Loewe Acconda with price tag of $5,000. I keep the fan running 24 hours a day and their are 3 fans running when the set is on. I have the set on about 10 hours a day 7 days a week. I've a 5 year warranty 2 years are gone, 3 years are left.

All who see it in operation *love* the performance of Direct View over Plasma or RPTV, my apartment won't take too much larger than what I have. I don't intend to buy HD-DVD costly equipment, red laser DVD is good enough for me. I am looking to see how long this PQ Direct TV will last. It has more pixels than the most expensive plasma has, 1280 X 1080= 1,382,400 pixels! Responses welcome. :)

RandyC 04-02-03 07:03 PM

You know then that the F38310 is known for having problems. The tube will be okay, but the powersupply will go. It seems some of these sets go on for a long time with no problems, so maybe that is more telling. Your's is old enough to have shown it's problems.

Still, even fans die at some point.

danol 04-02-03 07:19 PM

Randy C.
Randy you got that right fans do die from running 24 hours a day. I just did a service menu check all came back as OK, odometer is showing 17,001 model is JX4.

Randy I think I would buy it all over again even if the price was the one I paid which was $2,999.(no tax) I got a RC6000P Progressive Scan DVD player as my rebate back in 2001 when it was worth $599. I gave to my parents and I had a hard time getting them to understand how the simple to me and you, but not folks up in their 80's ease of use! :)

P.S. Now if they would only return the discs on time, I am not a rental store LOL.

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