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JoserJerr 03-16-03 02:32 AM

Need Advice - Best Shelf System under $500
I'm in the market for a small mini shelf system for my bedroom/office. I've determined that $500 is my budget and to give you an idea of what systems I;'e been looking at here they are.

Bose Wave Radio w/ CD
Sony CMT-EX100
Sony CMT-EX200

The functionality that is important to me is a nice sounding system that can play Audio CD's as well as MP3 CD-R's and CD-RW's. Audio/Video outputs to connect DVD players or ther systems would be nice too.

I am wide open to different systems since I reallyt haven't done alot of research yet. I know this forum is not crazy about Bose but please don't bash me to badly.

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