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BubbaTC 03-02-03 07:30 PM

What's the best DVD player under $100??
My girlfriend is buying one but isn't going to spend much. Anyone got a recommendation??

Mopower 03-02-03 07:59 PM

Toshiba SD-1800 is $89.99 at Best Buy right now. I picked one up and like it. It also plays VCD's and MP3 discs.

skar 03-03-03 10:55 AM

I like the Panasonic RV-32. Plays DVD-R, MP3, WMA, VCD, SVCD, and CD-R/RW.

Ken2 03-03-03 12:26 PM

Pioneer 353

Rainman15 03-03-03 12:33 PM

I second the recommendations of the Panasonic RV-32 and the Pioneer 353. Both are excellent players for the price range you specified.

synovia18 03-04-03 05:07 PM

Saw the RV-32 for 49.99 at Costco last week.

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