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gamer8 01-04-03 07:09 PM

Is rp82 worth $100 more than rp62?
I know the PQ is better on rp82, but how much better?
I can buy a rp62 for $130 right now, or wait until rp82 is
avaliable again(which I probably will pay close to MSRP $230).
If I don't need the build-in DD/DTS decoder(my receiver decoder should be as good, please let me know if it is not true). Is the $100 premium and the wait worth over getting rp62 now?
I never see either player in action, please give me some input.

gamer8 01-04-03 07:11 PM

I forgot to mention, all I care is the PQ under progressive scan mode.

boston george 01-04-03 07:45 PM

I have not compared both units side by side, but from what I hear the PQ difference is like night and day. I have the %-disc version of ther 82 ( the cp-72 ) and the PQ is amazing. The cp-72 can be had right now for under $250 plus a $30 rebate.

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