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Zodiac_Speaking 01-02-03 09:51 AM

How loud is too loud?
Video games sound perfect at 40 db, but DD movies I need to crank up to 29-26 dbs. DTS is ideal at 30 db. But I was wondering how looud should a theatre system be, before it ruins the speakers, or sounds distorted, or whatever? To me anymore, I hate DD.
By the way, I have a Pioneer system (don't remember model name0.

Brian Shannon 01-02-03 10:03 AM

how looud should a theatre system be, before it ruins the speakers, or sounds distorted, or whatever? To me anymore, I hate DD.
"Loud" is a relative term and a numeric db indicator is not worth much.

If your system is properly calibrated your ears will tell you when it is too loud. If your speakers are distorting or clipping that may be part of the problem.

You do not list the individual pieces of the system but comparing games to movies is not a good indicator of system performance.

DVD_O_Rama 01-02-03 04:02 PM

If it hurts your ears, it's too loud.
While certain systems/components may sound harsh and cause listener fatigue over time, if you are cringing in your seat because your eardrums are being bombarded, turn it down.

If your speakers are distorting, they are unable to handle the amount of volume you're pushing them at. This should be a gigantic warning sign that either a) you're about to fry your speakers, or b) you'll be deaf soon.

Different manufacturers use various methods for their components' volume control. Just because your knob says '25' (or whatever) doesn't mean that's what decibel level you are listening to.

And yes Dolby's dialnorm offset can be quite annoying, I agree wholeheartedly. Especially wehn it differs so much betwen discs.

Cheddarmuff 01-02-03 08:52 PM

What did you say...?? ;)

Like DVD_O_Rama said, if it hurts it is too loud...

Shon 01-02-03 09:44 PM

If its too loud, your too old...

cowanrg 01-03-03 12:25 AM

its really relative. i have 4ohm speakers that do 89db sensitivity. they are pretty efficient, and ive run mine at -20db before. (this is with 150x5 in a room thats 15'x15'). if your stuff starts distorting or clipping, its too loud :-) simple as that. most systems will handle a good amount of volume before they start breaking down.

be lucky this is even a concern of yours! i live in an apartment, and my neighbor thinks -40db is too loud. to me its barely getting warmed up. this is the ONE reason why im moving. love the apartment, love the location, love the rent, but i cant play my system loud, so im outta here.

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