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DVD Polizei 01-01-03 11:58 AM

Question For The Home Theater Gurus
DTS-ES can either be 6.1 channels of Discrete audio, or matrixed from the surround channels. My question is, how do you know if the audio was mixed discretely or whether it is from a matrixed soundtrack?

For example, on Gladiator, the DVD has a DTS-ES designation. However, it doesn't specify if the soundtrack had 6.1 channels recorded discretely or if they were taken from the SL and SR channels and mixed (matrixed).

We have this same indication problem on receivers. Take the awesome AVR-5803 for example. There is only an indication that there is a SB channel, but no indication if that channel was made discretely or from the other surround channels.

So, what I see, is a problem that could be confusing in the already confusing home theater arena. For example, a 6.1 soundtrack may mean totally independent soundtrack channels to one person, but to another, it may imply improper naming.

On a side note, DTS's website is as helpful as an icepick in the summer time. There are other websites that give a much better explanation, but it would help if DTS took the lead with their own format.

daledude 01-01-03 04:29 PM

I can't remember where, but on the outside packaging for Gladiator it does say that it is dts es discrete. I've noticed a few dvd's do this.

A dts es discrete will play back on dts es matrix systems as dts es matrix, so to cover themselves they put the discrete designation in small print. It's actually intended to prevent confusion by keeping the format dts es rather then two seperate dts es formats.

DVD Polizei 01-02-03 01:15 AM

I see on Gladiator it days:

"Plays in discrete 6.1 channels on DTS-ES 6.1 decoders. Fully compatible with DTS-ES Matrix 6.1, DTS-ES compatible, and DTS 5.1 decoders."

So, it says it "plays in discrete", but does this mean the soundtrack was actually recorded using 6 independent channels plus the LFE channel or does it mean that the SB channel was mixed from other surround channels and it "plays in discrete" on DTS-ES decoders. They need to be more specific, like saying, "Recorded in 6.1 discrete audio, and compatible with DTS-ES Matrix 6.1, and Dolby and DTS 5.1 decoders". Or maybe that's why they simply state it "plays" in discrete.


dvdmovie1 01-02-03 05:31 AM

My Panasonic reciever has a little message that scrolls across the display that says either "DTS-ES Matrix" or "DTS-ES Discrete".

Examples of Matrix soundtracks would be "Cast Away" or "Jurassic Park III". Discrete soundtracks would be "Lord of the Rings", "Gladiator" and "Haunting".

The link below has a list of ES/EX titles (although it hasn't been updated with near-future titles like "Simone" and "Knockaround Guys", which are both ES-Discrete):


Neo-6 can also be used to get 6-channels, according to DTS's website:

"DTS Neo:6 is an advanced matrix decoder. It will take any two-channel source and expand it into five or six channels, depending on the userís speaker layout. Two-channel sources include VHS tapes, broadcast televi-sion, stereo CDs and DVDs. DTS Neo:6 provides separate, optimized modes for stereo music materials and matrix surround motion picture soundtracks.

*DTS Neo:6 also decodes a center-surround channel from Extended Surround matrix soundtracks."

daledude 01-02-03 08:02 AM

Originally posted by DVD Polizei
I see on Gladiator it days:

"Plays in discrete 6.1 channels on DTS-ES 6.1 decoders. Fully compatible with DTS-ES Matrix 6.1, DTS-ES compatible, and DTS 5.1 decoders."

Actually, if you read the first sentence by itself is says it plays in 6.1 discrete on DTS-ES. To play in discrete 6.1 it must be recorded in discrete 6.1.

The next sentence says that the 6.1 discrete soundtrack will work correctly with DTS-ES matrix and "plain" DTS decoders properly as well.

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