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mljones99 12-18-02 03:28 PM

Sony DVPNS315 or Panasonic DVDRV32K?
Ok, in a nutshell, my old DVD player crapped out on me yesterday and I am in need of a new player. It will be the primary player in the house and progressive scan in not a big deal as I don't have HD or plan on getting HD for at least 3 more years (not that I don't want it, I just don't have the cash or time to enjoy it being in college and all).

These two players fit the price point I am gunning for (150 or less) and I have heard good things about both. Which one would you suggest and why? Also, feel free to make suggestions on other players as I am not limited to just those two. Thanks for all your help.

shaka 12-19-02 01:28 AM

Panasonic has a $20 rebate going on this model and others.

TonyS 12-19-02 07:41 AM

Since your TV is not HD, I'll assume it is 4:3. The Sony would be a better choice based on its superior in-player letterboxing!

Thunderball 12-20-02 11:36 AM

check FatWallet today..

They have a great deal on Sony's top of the line ProScan this year..

GMLSKIS 12-22-02 12:50 AM


Orlando 12-22-02 06:52 PM

I just bought the Sony today as a gift. I own two sony's now as well as another 4 in my extended family and not one complaint

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