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Questions about this receiver and some speakers...

Old 12-12-02, 02:42 AM
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Questions about this receiver and some speakers...

I'm getting the onkyo tx-sr600, it's relatively inexpensive and offers virtually all of the options that I need, and i'm also getting the Klipsch Quintet speakers with the ksw 12" subwoofer, unless someone can recommed some better speakers for a decent price. I'm still not set in stone on the speakers, but this receiver is actually perfect for my situation.

Thing is, if I get these speakers, they don't sell the center channel by itself and i'm going to get another for my back surround, as the onkyo receiver supports an amplified sixth channel. Does my center surround sixth channel need to be a true center speaker, or can it just be another satellite?

If it really isn't necessary for it to be a center channel, or to be the same center channel, then I may just go with these. I haven't seen any 6.1 packages in my searching that have been affordable.

Maybe you guys can help?

EDIT: I'm thinkin about getting the denon 3803 because I think they have better build quality than the onkyo, plus the component bandwidth is 100mhz instead of 60mhz

now i know to be totally compatible with HD you only need about 35mhz, but who knows, down the road, i may need it.

also there is the upconversion that it offers. that will free up inputs.

as well, it offers 7.1, but i'm really only interested in 6.1 right now.

and i really don't have any idea which speaker set i'm getting, but i'm willing to spend about 800 or maybe even a tad more to get some good ones

anyone have any ideas?
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Old 12-12-02, 07:48 AM
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I love the Onkyo SR-600, but I would get the Denon 3802 over it. You can't compare a $500 receiver to a $1000 one. I would compare the Denon 3802 to the Onkyo SR-700 or even the Onkyo SR-800. Which upconversion are you refering to?

As for speakers, everyone has speakers they think provide the best value. My personal budget favorites are the PSB Alpha series. This site has a great deal on a 6.1 setup from this series:

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Old 12-30-02, 05:42 PM
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are jbl or polk any good??

also a lot of people have expressed concerns about the klipsch's horn loaded quintets

i have yet to hear these since i've been quite busy, but how do they stack up??
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Old 12-30-02, 09:49 PM
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Harp...the Denon 3803 is god. that's all there is to it.

and check out my speaker recs here...

Also, I didn't mention them in that thread, but one of my best friends has a set of the Boston Acoustics System 8000's, and I'm quite impressed with them for the price (about $400).
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Old 12-31-02, 09:53 AM
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Originally posted by BigHarp77
are jbl or polk any good??
I've heard some nice speakers by both brands. I just don't believe they match the price/performance ratio of brands like PSB and Paradigm. BTW, in your price range I recommend spending twice as much on a 5.1 set of speakers as you do on a receiver.
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Old 12-31-02, 12:27 PM
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I agree with skar. I'd also like to add a recommendation that you listen to B&W speakers. You have to go to a local audio shop. Mass retailers won't have them.
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Old 01-03-03, 04:27 PM
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Originally posted by skar
I've heard some nice speakers by both brands. I just don't believe they match the price/performance ratio of brands like PSB and Paradigm.
I agree, it's very tough to beat the PSB and Paradigm in terms of bang for the buck-great value.
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Old 01-10-03, 10:02 AM
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The PSB Alpha series looks very nice.

I might get some Alpha T's, an alpha C, and maybe 2 packages of the alpha S. The thing is the Sub is only a 10". Will this thing still kick?? It costs about a grand, so i'd hope so.

Anyone know where I can get a listen to these??

These aren't your everyday Best Buy speakers it seems.
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Old 01-10-03, 11:00 AM
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look for dealers in your area.

By the way I would listen to the Klipsch. I personally love Klipsch speakers. some do not like the horn loaded sounds others love the sound= I happen to love them.

I would also listen to speakers by energy.


you can look for dealers in your area also

Best thing i can advise is to bring different source material with you. a few cd's a couple dvd's. Then expect them to allow you to listen to parts you like and know to get a feel for the sound of the speakers.

If a dealer will not let you listen for a bit then move on to the next speaker dealer. I would also try to find a dealer that also has the Denon receiver you like since it is best to listen to the speakers with the same receiver that you will be using to drive the speakers.

Have fun and shop around. Just do not buy Bose
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