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Yellow Hammer 12-11-02 02:59 PM

Component input problem
tried to help my sister set up her new DVD player (Malata 520) on her Toshiba 40" widescreen projection TV a couple of nights ago. When I hooked up the component cables (DVD player directy to the TV) there was way too much red tint. When we switched to composite cables, no problems with colors, and when we used her old S-video cable, no problem with colors. Her other inputs (cable TV, DirecTV) also have no color issues. Unfortunately she's down by LA and I'm up here in NoCal so it's not like I could bring it back and forth to my house to try it out, and she's got no other TV or DVD player that she could try this on. The cables are Monster cables, just opened out of the box.

Any ideas? Is there some DVD player and/or TV setting that I don't know about? Any way to test the cables to see if it's the problem other than for her to try it out at a store (if someone is willing to let her)? I wouldn't want her to have to adjust the tint every time she fired up the TV and DVD player.

Brian Shannon 12-11-02 03:01 PM

Not the cables it sounds to me like the TV has too much red push.

This would most likely need to be adjusted from the service menu inside the TV by a qualified technician.

Josh Z 12-11-02 08:09 PM

Is it just that people's faces look too sunburned, or is the entire picture red all over?

I have the Malata 996 and I'm not sure if the 520 has the same menu options, but if there is a menu for video settings make sure that the player is set for YPbPr. That might have something to do with it.

Yellow Hammer 12-11-02 08:43 PM

the picture is red all over. Hmmm...I have a 996 and component cabling but don't recall ever setting the YPbPr. But that was a good 20 months ago when it was set up. Now that I think about it, yeah, maybe I did set it...I hate the 996 cheezy menu and the remote itself (but the player is great!)... thanx! I sure hope that's it...Hope she knows how to set it :(

renaldow 12-11-02 09:19 PM

If I hook up my DVD player to my TV via component, and don't set it to YPbPr, I get red all over. Josh Z is probably right.

Yellow Hammer 12-12-02 02:48 AM

yep that's what it was. I looked at my menu and it was indeed changed. My sister got it working fine now, the menus are the same pretty much I guess. Thanks!

Josh Z 12-12-02 09:22 AM


Glad to hear it.

Dead 06-04-03 11:09 PM

Man am I glad that I've got this place. I just got a new DVD player and hooked up my component cables. Guess what? Way too much red. Not the same type of player as the one here, but the discussion led me to the fix!

Thanks Josh Z!! :)

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