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Aphex Twin 12-09-02 03:12 PM

$699 Denon 3802??
A while back I remember 6ave had the 3802 for $699. Well I didn't have the money then, but I do now. Anyone know if the deal is still good? I want to get one for Christmas and use my old receiver in my room. If it's not available for $699 anymore, anyone know who has the best prices for them?
Maybe a comparable receiver for a good price would do also.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

pcdoctor 12-10-02 02:29 AM


$579.95 factory reconditioned though.

cowanrg 12-10-02 10:22 AM

a decent deal on a 3802 shouldnt be too hard to find. its discontinued now. its been replaced by the 3803. look around in stores, even some B&M stores might be willing to get rid of old stock for around that price.

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