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hitachi rca philips whos more relaible

Old 12-08-02, 02:18 PM
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hitachi rca philips whos more relaible

Ive being looking to buy a big screen tv (projection) Ive looked at hitachai and philips both were ok for the price , my uncle just got a rca and it looked better than both that i was looking at . I dont want to spend over 1600 for a model just want a good reliable veiwing tv I dont know which model to get hoping that someone could help me

Thank N Advance
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Old 12-08-02, 04:55 PM
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If you're looking for reliability you should stay away from RCA.... I'm not sure about the other two though.
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Old 12-09-02, 09:53 AM
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Consumer Reports claims Hitachi RPTVs have required the least number of service calls. RCA, however, was deemed as not very reliable.
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I am currently using a 50 inch Hitachi RPTV that is over 10 years old that was a hand-me-down from my step-dad about a year ago. He had replaced it with a new Hitachi because the old one was just...old. He also has another 60 inch Hitachi in his basement. The picture has faded on mine because the tubes are worn a bit, but it has better quality than you'd expect for as much use as it's had. The main issues I have with it are the brightess and the sharpness, but they are only bothersome in very specific situations. Reading text and unevenly lit scenes don't look so good. It does take some time to warm up.

It works fine for me until it dies or I'm ready to go to front projection. The Infocus X1 has me tempted, but I think this Hitachi is still good enough for now as long as it works. The longer I can wait the better and cheaper my next tv will be.

I have a friend who has an old 42 inch Philips that still looks pretty good, but I don't think it's as old or gets as much use as mine, so it's hard for me to compare, but I would say the Hitachi has been very reliable.
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Old 12-10-02, 05:57 PM
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out of those 3, i would ONLY buy hitachi. i wouldnt buy an rca or phillips.

we have a few RCA tv's on our floor, and we have 3 that have been back from service like 4 times... they just keep going out. we cant keep them working.
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Old 12-10-02, 06:20 PM
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I've never been impressed with anything made by RCA.
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ive been impressed by how crappy their stuff is...

Originally posted by asabase
I've never been impressed with anything made by RCA.
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Old 12-11-02, 08:54 PM
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RCA = Real Crappy Appliances
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i, too, agree that RCA is not good - won't buy another RCA again - even their new Scenium lineup (don't forget Proscan? which also sucked imo)... i'd pick hitachi.
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i would definetly get the hitachi, they make really good rptv
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Another vote for Hitachi here

I have a 27" I bought in 1992 that is still working great and still has an excellent picture after all these years

To think I didnt know about calibration until a few years ago!
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