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kantonburg 12-06-02 11:48 PM

If I bought this would I be crazy or is this a good deal?
A good friend of mine is selling his RCA 52" bigscreen for $200. He bought it in 1997 for $2,000 and less than six months ago under warranty they replaced the projection tube and circuit board. He is really selling it because he and his wife need the money for Christmas. He has another newer 52" but I still almost feel bad if I were to purchase it.

I know RCA isn't the best but for $200 it's worth thinking about. I don't know the model number but will ask him later. I went to look at it and it has a nice picture on digital channels but a bit fuzzy on the lower channels. Nothing bad but I expected it with an older bigscreen.

What do you guys think? New tube, new circuit board (replaced because fish tank leaked on it btw)

young 12-06-02 11:51 PM

it works, right? as long as you can move it, i'd take it... what's your friends number? i want to bid $201 ;)

kantonburg 12-06-02 11:53 PM

Yes it works ;) I mean to ME $200 seems like a steal but don't have anything over 27" currently.

D-Ball 12-07-02 02:32 AM

Go for it. You might even want to pay him a little extra so you don't feel bad about it.

Frank S 12-07-02 10:13 PM

You mentioned they had the projection "TUBE" replaced under warranty. Were all three done or just one of them (There are three CRT tubes in RPTV's)? If it has major burn-in and only one tube was replaced it will still show burn-in from the other two tubes.

If you check it out ahead of time and it doesn't seem to display any burn-in and has a picture that appeals to you then by all means grab it for $200!

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