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drmoze 12-05-02 02:38 PM

Good source for upgrading HT cables & wires
I found a good site for wire and connects: cablesamerica.com. (No affiliation, just did a bunch of searching!)

They have the Python component RGB cables (with 95% copper-braid shielded 75ohm RG59 coax video cable, precision 75-ohm impedance, 100% 0.12mm aluminum-polyester foil shield, and 24K Gold-plated connectors) for $12 (6-ft) or $17 (12-ft). These seem certainly adequate.

Also got composite a/v cables, with OFC audio cable, 100% copper shielding, gold contacts, for $10/6-ft., $15/12-ft.

And speaker wire: 50 feet of 10 gauge (OK, a bit of overkill, but their other wire was 16 gauge) for $27. (100' of 16 gauge 99.9% Cu is only $12.)

Ground shipping was very cheap too. ($6 for 6 cables plus the wire.)

Just passing this along for those who want to upgrade to very good quality cables (much better than the 'free' ones) and don't want to sign away your firstborn to the monster that is MC... $^)

drmoze 12-10-02 12:38 PM

Just got my order, and the Python cables work great. (At least I can't see any artifacts, audio sounds fine, etc.) The 10 gauge speaker wire may be overkill, but it doesn't hurt. Dunno if my original cables were deficient, but I'm glad I didn't spend hundreds of $$$ to find out.....

BTW, cablesamerica has great service and fast shipping. They subbed a 12' cable at the same price b/c they were out of a 6' cable.

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