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drmoze 12-02-02 08:38 AM

JVC VCR w/audio scan?
I'd like to know if JVC (or anyone else) still makes VCRs with an 'audio scan' feature. Basically, you get audio playback (that doesn't sound speeded-up!) when playing tapes at 2x (or even 3x). I forget what this feature is called, but I had it on my JVC VCR that disappeared during a recent move. Does anyone know where I can get a VCR with this feature, or what it's even called? Thx!!!

skar 12-02-02 07:15 PM

How is it possible to play audio at 2x or 3x without speeding it up?

drmoze 12-03-02 09:26 AM

It did a combination of things, including taking out most of the silent spots/audio pauses, and keeping the pitch normal. At 2x, it sounded fine, and not really too fast. (Great for watching recaps or instructional videos at 2x!) At 3x there were some missed/clipped words and it was a bit too fast. But 2x was great, and I'd love to get a VCR with this capability again....

murffee1 12-05-02 06:46 AM

I believe the feature that you are talking about is "time scan". JVC puts it on their top-of-the-line SVHS models. I have it on a model of SVHS by Go-Video. I hardly ever use it but you can do things like watch a news broadcast in half the time without sacrificing much sound quality.

highdef 12-06-02 09:31 AM

murffee1 is correct. JVC does indeed put this feature on their
top-of-the-line SVHS models. My HR-S9600U offers this "time scan" feature.

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