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atlantamoi 11-27-02 08:03 PM

Rear speaker suggestions? (wall mounted)
I've got a pretty cheap surround system right now. I just moved into a house prewired for rear surround speakers on the wall. My current speakers are bulky and heavy. I might end up using them, but could use some recs for lightweight speakers that do the trick and could be mounted on the wall or on shelves. I wouldn't want to spend more than $100 total for the speakers because the rest of my system ('cept for some Klipsch front speakers) isn't super high quality.

chipmac 11-29-02 12:11 AM

I don't know how bulky or heavy your current speakers are but Crutchfield sells speaker wall mounting brakets that hold speakers up to 55lbs and 11" wide. I bought them for my JBL s26 and they work great.

atlantamoi 11-29-02 03:16 PM

55lbs? Wow. That's pretty impressive to have mounts that strong. Will look into it.

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