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best time of year for sale prices on HDTV

Old 11-15-02, 05:32 PM
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best time of year for sale prices on HDTV


I am planning to jump into the HDTV Rear Projection TV Market this winter, and was wondering when the best prices will be out on these items? I am mainly interested in the 53 in panasonic widescreen model, but am open to others who provide the best bang for the buck. I am hoping to find the panny for around 1500 plus tax. less would be better. or please do recommend other models I may not be aware of at this time. I watch mostly dish network non-hd from satellite, and gobs of dvd viewing. I think for my purposes a 53 in or larger widescreen set capable of progressive scan input is the main issue for me, although hd signals may be on my horizon, but not until the hd dish receivers come down significantly in price.
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Old 11-15-02, 06:44 PM
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Early Dec for xmas,Jan for super bowl.
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Old 11-16-02, 05:03 PM
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Try to catch one of those "no interest for 18 months" type of deals. They get offered periodically and are a great deal, as long as you plan on paying it off in time or you usually get hit with retroactive interest.
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Old 11-16-02, 06:47 PM
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to be honest, I am operating with a little bit different set of motives, I have $3000 cash to purchase a tv set, a cabinet to house the components, a washing machine, a stove, and 2 tires for my car. So with that budget in mind, shopping is a key to making the dollars stretch far enough.

no interest deals are not on my list of priorities.

thanks for the note though.
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Old 11-16-02, 07:10 PM
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I have a quick addition to the thread here. I was in best buy looking around this afternoon. I noticed that the panasonic is still 1799 which is the regular price right now. Alongside the panny they had slightly smaller samsung and toshiba models with slightly lower prices. Should I even be considering these other sets at this time? I also noticed that they had nice progressive dvd signals going into these smaller sets, but the panny was looking simply horrible with a very faded cable signal going into it. It simply looked horrible. Is this just a bad example, done by the store on purpose to get me looking at higher priced sets? I really loathe the sales tactics used in best buy. Very annoying and misleading. This really young guy came up, I asked him if I could see a dvd signal on this set. He looked at me strangely, paused for a second, then walked up to the tv grabbed the remote in a huff, and cycled the inputs around and back to the original image, said... "there, that looks much better!" and ran off.

..... I steamed for a moment, then left to go catch the harry potter movie........

I sit 10 feet from the set in my chairs at home. I do have sofas on either side from the set, which are much closer, but are only occupied once in a blue moon. Should I still be looking at sets in the 50 inch range? My gut feeling tells me this is what I really need to get full enjoyment. I guess I will still be looking hard at the panny, and not at best buy if I can help it.
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Old 11-16-02, 08:09 PM
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Lots of new sets will roll out in the beginning of the year. The addition of the HAVI connection to all the new sets will make the old sets a deal (but they will be missing the HAVI connection).
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Old 11-16-02, 09:17 PM
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I just bought one the other day from soundtrack, The panasonic 53 inch PT53WX52, It was marked 1899, but soundtrack was having up to 12% off so i got it for 10% off which was pretty, cheap. I thought it was a great deal, and if you find a better price in the next 2 months they will match it, and this is the peak time for sales!
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Old 11-17-02, 12:19 AM
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Keep checking Best Buy! At any random day, they could lower the price by $300, I'm not joking!

I was VERY lucky. I went to Best Buy on a Sunday, and they had the Panasonic 53" for only $1498.99!!! I drove to Circuit City and had them price match, because Circuit City gives out a free dvd player with the TV, as well as free delivery. Instead of taking their free dvd player, which was a cheap $60 value one, I was allowed to choose any dvd player I wanted, and they would subtract $60 from the price of whichever one I chose. I chose the Panasonic RP62, and guess what? They screwed up on the receipt! They subracted the $60 from the total cost of the TV, not the player. So I can return the dvd player for a full refund by the end of the month, which I will since I'm getting the RP82 soon.
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Old 11-19-02, 02:11 PM
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I'm looking at a Panasonic 47in widescreen projection TV, and I'm noticing the prices seem to be dropping kinda randomly too...
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The Panny 47" is the set I am after as well. Perfect surface for a center channel and I've seen it as low as $1499 at BB.
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