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Question About DVD Burners...both home and computer

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Question About DVD Burners...both home and computer

A friend of mine is thinking about getting a DVD burner, and doesn't know whether to get a computer one or a home one. I asked him what he intended on using it for, and he said mostly for burning home movies and stuff...so it's not like he's going to record a lot of things from the tv. His only question was whether or not DVDs are easy to "back up?" What I interpreted this as is whether they're copyable or not. So my question is how exactly does that work...if it does at all. Can the computer burners actually copy existing DVDs easily? It's just a matter of curiousity, because I'm sure he won't be buying $20 DVDs or whatever they cost when he can just go out and buy the originals for less than that
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Moving to Hardware.
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Your only hope would be a computer based one. There is a software package that is available now that is fighting the copyright laws in court. It is called DVD X Copy.
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I purchased the Philips Stand alone DVD recorder
it works unbeleveably well.
Copying a VHS to DVD make a copy EXACTLY as good as the VCR tape no loss of GEN !!!

I have a Signal Booster that lets me copy tapes that well...

IT was a great buy
only problem is that now that I have copyed all my VHs tapes to DVD its not an expensive doorstop.
I dont copy Tv becouse I will pick them up when they come out
and any DVD that I made I will replace with the real deal when they come out as well...

Now I dont have a computer DVD recorder but im told they are hell to use they are slower than Snail S**T and can not make them in a format that is used by older players.
But they are a LOT CHEAPER.

anyway if you have the cast go with the stand alone unit

like I said I loved it till I recorded everything I had.
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To qoute the other locked thread on the front page-

Originally posted by stevevt
We might be able to discuss copying dvd to dvd under certain circumstances, but I'm reading the original poster to be inquiring about copying commercial dvds.

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