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caiman 11-05-02 07:25 PM

Do I need to do the Poly-Fil mod on my SONY sub?
I've got the SONY SAWM40 sub, and have heard that a lot of people complain of "boominess", and have fixed the problem by adding Poly-Fil into the speaker casing. Since I am still quite a novice with speakers, I need to understand what "boominess" is, and if I need to modify. Could someone do their best to define the term?

The only flaw I can hear (if it is a flaw) is whenever I hear loud bass, the sub is fairly discernable. One way to put it is, i don't hear bass, I hear the subwoofer. It has a distinct sound that often stands out from the rest of the sound.

So my question is, is what I described a symptom that would be helped by the Poly-Fil modification? Thanks for any help.

Electric2k 11-06-02 08:13 AM

The best way to describe 'boominess' is sort of a muddy, undefined bass. I do think that the sub is SLIGHTLY boomy, but not that bad.

Still, you should not hesitate to do the modification, as it is quite easy. All you need to do is get a bag of polyfill from Wal-Mart (in the craft section). Then gently pull off the front grill on the sub. Next you unscrew each screw holding the sub in place (if I remember correctly it's a standard phillips head screw). Once you have that open start shoving the polyfill in. Just don't block the port at the bottom, and try not to have any pushing up against the speaker driver. The bass is much tighter on this sub after this modification.

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