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Help w/ Panasonic PT47WX42/52

Old 10-31-02, 12:14 PM
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Help w/ Panasonic PT47WX42/52

Looking for help from anyone out there who has this Panasonic 47" widescreen model(s). I have this tv and want to set up my Color, Picture, Tint, etc. (basically all the options under the 'Picture' control screen, including Natural Color, Video NR, VM).

I have purchased some of the set-up discs, but still don't feel like I have it right. I notice a problem on a lot of my discs with the detail level of blacks (particularly noticeable if someone's clothing is black). By a problem, I mean, there is little detail and it looks really strange. I realize this may be a problem with the transfers themselves... but I would still love and appreciate some help from someone who has this set.
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Old 11-01-02, 07:17 AM
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I don't have a Panny but I'll throw in my $.02 anyway ...

It could be your DVD player. Some players don't get "blacker than black" colors right, meaning the blacks just don't look dark enough. I think Video Essentials can tell you this - not sure about Avia. If this is the case then no amount of tweaking will get it perfect unfortunately.

Also, you might know about this site but if not, be sure to check out http://www.panny.tv/ for a lot of info and tweaks on your set. It's a great site - wish there were something similar for Pioneers.
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Old 11-01-02, 09:07 AM
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Thanks Stats. I was watching my 'Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie' DVD last night and it was driving me crazy. The dark suits of the main characters are very distracting. Strangely, it seems most prominent when it is dark clothing? Hardly noticeable when it is a background, or a car for example.
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Old 11-03-02, 02:49 PM
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I have had the 47" for about 8 months now, I was messing aroud with mine today with Avia (finally dropped the money on it)

My settings for pictgure are:

picture -14

also have color temp to normal
natural color off and video nr off.

That's about it. I initially had the settings listed on that panny site, but these seemed to be the ones that avia suggested after going through some of the calibration stuff. It def looks different, but not sure if it's different good(gotta give it some time to get use to) but I'm gonna give if 5 days to either go back through the calibration stuff, or reset to my old settings.
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