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Help me get a great HDTV....for free!

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Help me get a great HDTV....for free!

Before anything, thanks to all of you that take the time to help out HT newbies like me with our various questions.

I work for a big corporation in a sales/service position, and we have an awards program that awards you "points" for hitting various sales objectives. You can then redeem these points to purchase from a catalog of merchandise, including high end electronics. They range between 60 points for a Game Boy Advance, to 3700 points for a Phillips 43" plasma TV.

I'm currently looking to buy a TV & HT system for my living room, which I can now finally afford. My wife insisted on paying off her dream furniture, so it's my turn now. I've accumulated a little over 900 points (and rising), and because of the lack of mid-range options, I figured I'd buy the TV with cash, and use my points for my sound equipment (either a Yamaha or Denon receiver, and an average speaker set).

As luck would have it, I discovered that I'm NOT limited to the meager catalog selections! The company has agreements with several manufacturers, and if I give them a model number, they can get me a quote for just about anything.

Here's the list of companies I can order from:

Bose, Denon, Fisher, Hitachi, GE, JVC, Magnavox, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Pioneer, RCA, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Toshiba, and Yamaha.

I'm looking for a 16x9 set, and because it'll be in a small enclosed living room, ideally it should be between 38"- 43". 43" is about as high as I'm willing to go.

This set will be used for DVDs about 80-90% of the time, and will probably be connected to digital cable, since I've got my DirecTV dish on the other side of my apartment, and wiring it to the living room would be a nightmare. OTA is also a possibility if the previous two aren't feasible.

Anyways, my initial pick is this
43" Hitachi 43FWX20B
. I got a quote for 1100+ points, so I'll probably be able to get it within two months or so. The only negative I notice on this set is that it doesn't include DVI.

Are there any other comparably priced sets (made by the manufacturers above) that are equal to or better than this Hitachi? I'm really getting lost with all the options and I'm having trouble finding similar sets to compare this one to. I'd also like to stay within that same price range, so I don't have to wait another year for HD.

Please let me know if you need any additional info. By the way, I'll be simultaneously buying my HT sound system, and while I already have a prog scan player (Toshiba SD-3750), I might buy another prog scan for the living room.


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I believe Mitsubishi has a 40"+ set you may want to consider. I never had much luck with SONY and I don't know if they have anything about that size. If points are based on price, it will probably be more anyway. Pioneer has a good rep but I'm not sure they'll have anything in the size/points you need.
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Try Toshiba 42hdx82 or 42h82. RCA 40 Scenium is a nice new model. Since viewing will be dvds most of the time,maybe consider moving up to the 47"-51" range.You can watch as close as 8 feet.Prices are only 200-300 dollars more. Hope this helps.
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Check out the Mits WT-42311 (it is a tabletop model) and the Toshiba 42HDX82.

Spec Sheets:


How close will you be sitting to this TV?

I think you should use your points for the HDTV. Although you have several options for a quality receiver with the companies you listed, finding a speaker set worth getting looks tough.
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Wow, thanks for the responses! Here's an update:

43" Hitachi 43FWX20B - 1160 points

Mits WT-42311 - 1050 points

Toshiba 42hdx82 is not available (they don't carry Cinema Series)

By this weekend, I should have a quote for the Panny PT-47WX42 (plus the 52 model with the protective surface) and the Toshiba 42H82, which is the non-Cinema Series that they offer.

Anyone know the big difference between those two Toshiba models?

I included the 47" Panny since my wife loves them for some reason, so she would excuse this particular brand, even though it's slightly bigger than what she was originally limiting me to. If it has any obvious pros/cons I'd love to hear them.

Viewing distance is adjustable, anywhere between 7-9 feet.
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if you considering the 47 panny, i would also add the mits 48311 to the mix. Its a brand new design and if you are considering the 42311, i think the 42311 and the stand should come out to be the same price as the 48311.

Also remember that the guns used in the 42311 are the same exact lenses used in the 48311 and the 55311. (bright!!!)

Good luck in your search!
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