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I want my flicker-free tv

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I want my flicker-free tv

I live in Canada.

I'm desperated beyond belief, and here's why: since a long long time I can barely watch tv, go to the movie theater, go to an electronic store, work, study, etc... because of one reason: I don't know why, but my eyes seems to be very intolerant to low hertz rates. It seemed to appear suddenly I don't remember when or where, but since then my life has been hell.

Here's what happens: whenever I see a tv or monitor with a low hertz rate, it flickers like crazy, so much that it glares me and I'm dizzy; I can't stand this more than a few seconds or I become crazy.

Problem is, it has completely ruined my whole life: there are cheap monitors with low hertz everywhere! I had to quit my well-paid job, I had to quit college, I can't go to any electronic store, there are ****in' cheap monitors everywhere! I have to cover my view with my hand so everyone thinks I'm crazy but I'm not.

I now have nothing to do, except spend the day on my high-quality pc with a high hertz monitor. It seems that every 60 hertz monitor (and tv screen, but less heavily) flickers, but with my 85 hertz pc monitor everything is fine. I don't know what's gonna happen to me; if only I could find a good job that I could do in front of my computer, but of course for people without diplomas and contacts like me it is impossible. It seems to get worse with time. So if only I could play games or watch tv or dvd movies I would at least live an happy life; problem is with normal 60 hertz ntsc tvs there's flicker; I tried to put some sunglasses and it's less worse but still ****ing annoying; it's not impossible for me to watch tv, but it's so much of an effort that I practically never do it because I'm tired of suffering everytime I go out of my house and have to cover my view with my hand because of all those monitors.

I then heard of 100 hertz tvs, but those seem to be not available in North America. I also heard of progressive scanning, but those hdtvs are damn expensive. If I buy one of these and have to pay loads of my savings for this, I want it to be absolutely and always flicker free and that it doesn't glares me in any way. What I'm worried about is compatibility; it doesn't seems to be a problem with dvds if I have a progscan compatible DVD Player, but i read that some next-gen games are progscan compatible and some not. And what about normal cable tv?

I tried to view my video on my pc monitor with a tv tuner card, but the picture is grainy and full of flickering colors, so that's out of the way.

I'm ****ing tired to have to suffer for all of this; I'm ****ing tired to look like a retarded to everyone that doesn't knows me; all I ****ing want is being able to play and watch any console game, dvd or tv show without flickering and glaring. Maybe I won't be able to work anymore, but I at least want to be happy with what I love the most: tv, movies and console video games. If I could pay less than thousands of dollars I would be happy.

Please help me, I'm desperate beyond belief

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HDTV won't help you as most (reasonably priced) HDTV monitors only scan at 60Hz. You're going to have to get yourself a decent TV-tuner card (one with a Brooktree/Conexant 848/878 chip) and run Dscaler. Over on the AV Science forums, there's a guy KBK who sells extremely high quality TV capture cards that he has modded (to improve PQ) for about $150 or so. You can use a video switch (or a receiver) if you need multiple inputs for VHS / game consoles. get a dvdrom for your dvd needs and you should be all set.
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Have you checked out LCD-based equipment? The refresh rate really isn't a factor with them and they shouldn't show any flicker. There are RPTV and projectors based on LCD. I would think plasma would be somewhat the same.
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You also might want to see a doctor. A friend of mine had problems similar to yours. I don't remember what ended up being the cause, but it's worth having looked at.
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