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buzzdalf 09-17-02 09:59 AM

Just moved, need help with rear speakers
We just moved into a new house over the weekend and I'm setting up the surround system.
I need help figuring out how to do my rear speakers. The wife has mandated that she not see any wires running through the room. The room is open in the back to the kitchen, so I thought I'd buy some bipolar surround speakers and mount them on the walls beside the listener.
My problem is the wiring. How do I get the wiring to those speakers? It's a 2 story house with an un-finished basement. I suspect I will want to run the wires through the basement and then up the wall to the exact location of the speakers, but how do I do that?
Any tricks out there to running the wire through the walls?

Brian Shannon 09-17-02 10:10 AM

Any tricks out there to running the wire through the walls?
No real trick just a bit of a mess. If you can go down through the floor with the cable the over to the walls all you need to do is to either cut the wall or make some small holes and "fish" the cable down through the wall. Insulation will most likely require you to make several holes.

Good luck.

JimRochester 09-17-02 12:25 PM

It's not a tough task but can be a pain. I had a local store that ran the wires, they use something like a fishing pole. It was less than $100 and took less than an hour so it was worth it. I'm not shy on projects either you can check out what I did and I still think this was worth it, especially if you're dealing with an exterior wall.

socalgoblin 09-17-02 03:32 PM

wire hiders at ikea
I just got through remodeling my front room for my new tv and home theatre,i didnt want to hear any complaints about wires so i went to ikea and in the lighting department they had thin small strips to hide wiring,at 2.50 each there a bargain ,you cant even see any wires now,hope this helps a little.

buzzdalf 09-18-02 12:02 PM

Jim -
What kind of store will come out and fish wire for you? I might like that idea.

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