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waskydiver 09-15-02 11:28 PM

I have a Sony Wega KV-32HS20 (HD). I have been trying to calibrate it using the Video Essentials DVD, and I am not having much luck.

For example, the tests for contrast and sharpness do not seem to do anything. I turn the contrast all the way down and all the way up, and I get little or no change on either the line that isn't supposed to bend (it never bends) or the white block that isn't supposed to bloom (it never blooms).

Also, the sharpness patern never distorts no matter how much sharpness I apply.

According to the tests, I should have everything cranked way up, which I know is not good for the TV.

In addition, the brightness tests indicate that the TV does not hold black well, because of the difference between the patern with a lot of white and not so much white.

The TV comes with preset modes Standard, Pro, Movie and Vivid. In all modes except Vivid, I often can't see many of the darker details at all. I don't necessarily want everything to jump out at me, but if there are facial expessions, or details in the picture I want to see them.

I understand that I am probably in torch mode right now, but aside from just cranking down the contrast and brightness without any guide of where it's supposed to be, I don't know what to do.

Thanks for any help! :)

X 09-16-02 12:02 AM

It appears your set has a good power supply. That's why the line doesn't bend.

I never was able to satisfactorily calibrate contrast with VE. However Avia made it very simple. I think it has something to do with VE requiring that your player be cable of "blacker-than-black" pluge or something. Avia doesn't require this and also provides grayscales that allow you to judge brightness based on each subsequent grayscale being twice as bright as the previous one. Since they didn't "bloom" much on my set I found this to be a good method of setting the correct contrast level.

criptik28 09-16-02 05:19 AM

I also used both Video Essentials and Avia to calibrate my video/audio system.

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