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Question about Sony DVD and Sony DVD player - why doesn't this work?

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Question about Sony DVD and Sony DVD player - why doesn't this work?

Old 09-11-02, 04:54 PM
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Question about Sony DVD and Sony DVD player - why doesn't this work?

I'm hoping someone on this forum can shed some light on a bizarre dilemma I seem to be having, if for only to relieve an issue that has become something of an obsession for me.

First: I own a Sony DVP-NS300 DVD player. It is a Region 1 player. Got it last Christmas. It continues to function very well, except for this one really frustrating problem....

Second: I bought Columbia Tristar's release of Night of the Demon on August 29, 2002 from Amazon. It, too, is labeled Region 1

When I put the DVD on my player, you could hear the reader grinding, but the message came back, Insert Disc. I then tried to watch it on my Dell laptop computer. It didn't boot and, when I checked the Explorer, it said the disc was not formatted and asked if I would like it formatted.

I returned the disc and Amazon sent a replacement. The replacement did the exact same thing. I went further and tried it on a new Gateway computer and on a somewhat older Panasonic - nothing. I had already order a second replacement when I asked a friend to see if it would play on their Imac.

Lo and Behold, it started playing. And playing well.

So I have been down many a road to get a satisfactory explanation why this disc is not functioning as it should. I called the Sony people in Florida about the disc player. I then called the Columbia Tristar trouble shooters in Culver City California about the Night of the Demon DVD.

Some have gone so far as to implicate Enhanced Regional Coding as a possible problem. Columbia Tristar said I might need to get new software?!

My question is: What is going on here and is it going to be a trend. In the zeal of studio distributors' desire to protect their copyrights, are they thinking about churning out new "Region 1" discs that defeat older DVD players, forcing me to fork over more bucks for a new player!!

If that's true, it bites. BIG.
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Old 09-11-02, 11:48 PM
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When you say you can hear it 'grinding away' does it sound different/worse than when you put in a DVD that does play OK on the player? If so, I'd guess that player has problems with a physical aspect of the disc, not what's recorded on it. Other players may play it, but it may have an imbalance or flaw that your player is particularly sensitive to.

If it was an RCE problem, it probably wouldn't give you a 'no disc ' error, but something about not being able to play the disc because of RCE or region coding. YMMV.
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Old 09-12-02, 12:13 PM
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This may be off target but worth mentioning if it helps:

My local rental store recentely began using shiney stickers around the hub (middle hole) of the DVDs with their phone, name, etc. on it. Since they began this practice, my SONY player (older one that doesn't play CD-Rs) will not recognize the discs....I tried 4 different ones, cleaned them, etc. They worked fine on my Computer and my dad's Pioneer player as well as my friend's Toshiba.

I now rent from another place that has the same stickers but are solid white, not shiney. These DVDs work just fine in my player. I'm not sure if the shiney stickers reflected the DVD player's lens and therefore didn't let them play or what but apparently, that inner ring is important to my player for it to identify a DVD properly.

In any case, is there anything different around the hub or the "Night of the Demon " DVD than the others that you have?
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Old 09-12-02, 01:09 PM
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The third time was apparently a charm as I finally got a working copy of Curse of the Demon. On a serious note, since I have a few days before I'm required to return it, I'm curious to find out why my first replacement CD - and by extension, possibly the first one - was only successfully played on an I-Mac. So I'm going to take the "damaged" one over to my local Ovation and, with their cooperation, see if the DVD plays on their selection of machines or just certain ones. I don't know what conclusions I could draw, I just may have been victim to back-to-back damaged discs, but this just seems to me to need a tad further investigation to satisfy my curiosity.

Columbia Tristar at one point suggested I might think about getting a software upgrade. A tech I know said they probably meant installing a new DVD drive, which to him was ridiculous if only one DVD didn't play. Interestingly, when I called Sony about Columbia Tristar's suggestion (I don't know why I refer to them separately. They are both Sony.) they said they would be prepared to do something along that line -- for $126.

Anyway, I thank you for your suggestions and I'm looking forward to learning more about the DVD biz here. And if were really being honest, well... [self delusion] [paranoid conspiracy fantasy] Of course, it wasn't that I had got damaged discs the first time. No, they just sent me one that would work as a way to hush me up. Rest assured, I will continue to uncover the nefarious plans and schemes of evil mega-corporations. They were afraid. I was getting too close. Asking too many questions. Who knows how far up this goes. It seems funny now, how Columbia Tristar SAID they tested their discs according to the same conditions I described and they didn't have a problem, and therefore, "It must be a damaged disc." How Sony told me it sounded like my machine was fine and "it must be a damaged disc." The same answer from both. COINCIDENCE!? A bit too pat an answer, if you ask me.
Nevertheless, my movie works now. The planets are safely in their alignment - for the moment. But I still see the shadow of the fleeting glimpse of the tainted air of the web of their...uh...plans. And when another region 1 disc doesn't play on my region 1 player - I'll know the reason why. Ha ha. I've got them scared, boy. Don't think I don't. [/paranoid conspiracy fantasy] [/self-delusion]
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Old 09-12-02, 01:25 PM
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was only successfully played on an I-Mac
Personally anytime I ever had a problem with some type of media file that would not play on my Windows PC it would always play on my MAC.
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Old 09-12-02, 02:13 PM
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Testament to the superiority of Apple, I think.
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Old 09-15-02, 12:32 AM
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Yes apple dvdrom drives are exellant they read bad media and everything. Night of the demons is a Dual Layer movie but your probably thinking I have other dual layer movies. But the difference is this one has the menu screen on the second layer so some certian dvd players wont play them. Also the fact that companys somethings have a bad batch of disk like about a year a huge batch of anchor bay discs didnt work correctly.
The fast and the furious is another good dvd to try in your player if that disc plays in your dvd then it was the disc and not your player.
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